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Birman cat's voice

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Merlin | 22:55 Wed 22nd Dec 2004 | Animals & Nature
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We have had a Birman cat for two weeks. She is a rescue cat that we got from Battersea Dog's Home (marvellous people they are too!).

Before we had her, we had two Siamese cats. They were very vocal, talking all the time and their voices were LOUD - I mean, when we went into the vets, they would announce themselves and every other person and animal in the place stopped talking and looked.

Our Birman (about 3 - 4 years old) has a very loud purr, but her voice is not much more than a squeak!

I know cats can lose their voices temporarily, but is a Birman's voice usually quiet and squeaky, usually loud like a Siamese, or just 'average'?

Is there someone out there, owned by a Birman, who can tell us please?




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Most Birmans I've had contact with make a deep kind of wowing sound, that can get pretty incessant when they are ignored!  But every cat is different & I also have a great big Persian here at the minute who is the most macho big lad & he can only make a sad little squeek, unlike most of the other Persians here who WAH!!!

\your new cat may have wowed for attention in the cat kennels and overstretched her vocal cords & this could have made her a bit hoarse, so it might come back. They are lovely cats to be owned by that's for sure...enjoy!

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Thanks pixie.

She is getting better every day with her weight and fur and her voice is gradually getting louder. It's more of a brrrrrrrow? sound now.

We have a Male and Female Birman and i can tell you the female is very quiet but has a loud purr the male is very vocal no need to worry.

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Birman cat's voice

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