Feeding the birds Christmas Pudding - is okay to?

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Crazychickx | 23:36 Thu 14th Jan 2010 | Animals & Nature
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As the weather has been so awful I have been feeding the birds, I have been feeding them bread and then I had some christmas cake which they loved!

Have no run out of christmas cake but have a christmas pudding... it contains brandy, sherry and cider (doesn't say in what amounts).... do you think its okay to feed it to them? I dont want the poor little critters to get drunk!!

They aren't going a bundle on the bread, I am on reduced income and cant really afford to get birdfeed.



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Just be careful with some cooked foods, especially porridge oats; must never be cooked, since this makes them glutinous and can harden around a bird's beak.
Futher information can be found at - regarding feeding wild birds.
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Thanks everyone for the helpful answers and thanks for the tip about the porridge oats! And no first poster you cannot have it!!! it is for the little birdies!!

And yeah I have been putting out a tub of water for them too.

Poor little things its a wonder they are surviving at all!
Birdies loved my leftover pud. If you have any apples that are a bit squidgy, throw them out there too, they love them and will peck away at one for ages.
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I am just bit worried its a bit glutinous like the previous poster said, also will they eat bacon? I know they love fat but is raw bacon ok for them? As I have some past its sell by date.

I love watching them!!
I put scraps of cooked bacon rind out, but wouldn't put raw bacon. I get lots of big birds, like Jackdaws and they can cope with just about anything.
I wouldn't of thought that the birds mind out of date bacon, birds will eat raw and cooked bacon. I doubt they mind to be honest, remember they eat dead animals (that meat isn't cooked is it). I don't think the birds can read the sell by dates crazychickx :P

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Feeding the birds Christmas Pudding - is okay to?

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