FISH: can i convert a cold water fish tank into a tropical one?

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pirateLiz | 21:37 Tue 28th Apr 2009 | Animals & Nature
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hi, i have a cold water fish tank that has the capability of being a tropical one. however, i have 2 small blackmoor fish...thats all. i have read a lot of blogs some saying blackmoors can be in a tropical tank (by gradually increasing the temp each day) and others say they cant? can anyone help??


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I'm not sure at all about the water temp aspect of your question (sorry!) But I'd be very hesitant about putting blackmoors in with smaller tropical fish.

Blackmoors are like Goldies, and if it will fit in their mouths, they'll eat it!
Hi pirate, I have always kept my Goldfish in a Heated tank. I think thats why they last so long and grow quite big. My oldest fish had been living in a heated tank for nearly 13 years....It would be wise to raise the temp gradually over a few days and ensure the tank is well aereated too...

Agree with Boo too though, be careful which type of fish you keep with the moors. Not a good idea to have livebearers like guppies and platy's for example as the babies and young fish will become fodder for your moors as may the adults....

Good luck..I hope it all goes to plan..I love Moors, they are soooo cute..
Methinx Im gonna go get myself a couple of Moors to put in with my Goldies and Fantails..

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thanks for all the advice. im going to think carefully about what i put in, dont want live food for the moors. at the min they are quite small so im hoping they cant eat any of the fish i get lol..
im raising the temp over a week or so, so as not to upset them. hope it all goes ok, i love my blackmoors!!

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FISH: can i convert a cold water fish tank into a tropical one?

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