12 month old cav... being naughty

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Fairie | 11:42 Thu 29th Jan 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Hi i have a male cavalier king charles, he was more or less housetrained when we moved house 5 months ago, he only ever had "accidents" however lately he just wants to wee everywhere!! if he gets a chance to sneak upstairs your guaranteed to find a wee or even a poo from him. He recently wee'd up my curtains and even sprayed up the leg of a female visitor.

The other thing (may be related) is that he is constantly getting his "thing" out, i cant even comb his hair without it happening, i do have a female but she is not in season or even due for a month or two!


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My mastiff also gets his lipstick out, almost every time he sits down..He's 19 months and is just growing up. He doesn't mark territory though. Have you had him checked out at the vet? You may need to think about castration unless you plan to breed from him
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yeah, he's due the vets next week for his annual booster, so i guess she'll be able to shed some light on his weird behavior. I did want to breed from him just the once as friends of mine would like their puppies. But, i don't want to have to confine him to the kitchen until then. The bottom line is i cant trust him otherwise!
He is growing into a hot blooded adult male and is marking his territory where 'his' bitch lives. Castration would definitely help. If you breed from him once you will find it hard to solve the problem, he will spray and mark everywhere.

Also being Cavaliers you need to make sure both he and any mate are heart tested and MRI scanned for Syringomyelia, and also eye tested, or else you may be in danger of producing puppies with any of these problems. Can't blame reputable breeders for producing problems when 'pet' owners breed without doing all the checks.
Lol at thugulike and the lipstick, we always call it a 'Pritt Stick'.

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They have both been eye and heart tested but not MRI scanned. She has had a litter of 4 in November and all puppies went to friends so i am getting regular updates and pics which is very cute!
Well according to my calculations if she had a litter in November she must have been mated in September, and in season for at least a couple of weeks before that, so she will be due in season any day now......... he probably knows more than you do. As she only had the litter in November, you need to be very careful he does not get to her as she will hardly have recovered from the last litter.

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12 month old cav... being naughty

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