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Should I get my kitties spayed at the same time or not?

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Collette53 | 16:20 Mon 19th Jan 2009 | Animals & Nature
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My two cats are due to be spayed at the end of this month. They are sisters and get along beautifully together. I have been warned that they will not get along with each other after the op because they will not recognise each others smell anymore. I have also been told that they may well pull each others stitches out. They have a very close relationship at the moment - when one wanders off around the house the other goes looking for her sister! Can anyone advise what I should do? Would it be better to get one done then let her recover before doing the other? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Poppycock! Get them done together, they will both smell the same then. Never heard such b*ll*x. They won't pull the stitches out, even if they groom each other it is unlikely they would allow the other to pull the stitches. Anyway, what would be the difference between them doing it if they were done at different times?
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Don't know - that's why I was asking. Thank you for your quick response.
Agree with lankeela, I have three tom cats and two of them were done at the same time and we had no problems at all[the third tom adopted us at a later date] granted they are toms but I would think the same applies.
Best to get them done together, then will both be feeling the same, but seem to remember no side effects at all apart from the bald patch which soon grows again.
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I had two sister cats from the same litter spayed at the same time. One tried to pull the stitches and had a collar, the other one didnt. They do and have always got on fine (95% of the time anyway). Do it at the same time I dont think it will make any difference.
As others have said, get them done at the same time. They will have company whilst at the vets, they will both feel sleepy together afterwards and they won't feel at all differently towards each other after they have been 'done'. They might both smell of antiseptic though!!

Always a good idea to put an elizabethan collar on them for a good few days - some cats won't bother, but others take their own stiches out. I have never known a cat take the stiches out of a another cat though.

Whoever warned you was completely wrong.
i had 2 mother cats and their 5 kittens all done together and never had a problem i must add the mother cats were feral and both well pregnant when i got them
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Thank you all for your input. They will be getting spayed together as per the original arrangement.
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I had Romy & Cassie (now both 11yrs old) spayed at the same time when they were kittens & they were fine! As they've got older, they sometimes have their differences, but basically get on well. I had Cleo & her brother, Monty, neutered at the same time as each other, too, and they were very sympathetic to each other - it was quite sweet to see. My little Mischa is being spayed on Friday (she was booked in last month, but came into season, so I had to put it back!) Anyway, good luck to your kitties and a big "Get well soon" from my girls!! Love, K x
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Thank you for your kind remarks. Will keep you posted on their recovery.
I am a bit late in joining this, but I agree with earlier answers to have them done together. Please keep us posted on how they are afterwards. I love finding out the results of peoples questions. That is the best bit, finding out if our advice has helped.
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Will do!

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Should I get my kitties spayed at the same time or not?

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