dogs getting car sick.

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cameo | 18:12 Sun 18th Jan 2009 | Animals & Nature
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My 2 dogs very rarely travel by car, ( the last time was a couple of years ago).
But when they do they are always sick. Even on short 10 minute journeys.
They are going to have to travel tomorrow.
Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how to stop this from happening?



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Unfortunately you have left it a little late to get them used to the car if they are travelling tomorrow. It would have been best to get them used to firstly sitting in the car without turning the engine on, then very short journeys, taking them to the park or somewhere they enjoy. For tomorrow, it would be best not to feed them after tonight.
Ginger biscuits. Give tonight and before travelling. Another time use one of the human (childrens) travel sickness tablets.

Make sure they cannot see out preferably travelling in a cage covered with a blanket. If they are small let them travel in the passenger footwell, there is the least amount of vibration near to the gearbox. Other than that, try to make sure they are on a flat surface rather than a slippery car seat. Use plenty of newspapers so you can just take out a layer as they puke on it.
I have heard ginger biscuits work for some, but not us, we had ginger smelling sick, lurvly!!
I think Jules is right - you've left it a bit late. My friend had the same prob with her dog. She (the dog) has to travel in the passenger seat footwell. She's 7 now and doesn't throw up any more, but all the same hates car travel. Just remember, as kids we all threw up in the car cos we hadn't experienced that sort of motion.From experience I have always taken my dogs out in the car - they did throw up for a while, but like anything, they get used to it eventually. Start with short journeys and gradually increase them. Above all, have lots of paper and wet wipes! Goodluck
i have the answer to your problem cameo! gingernut biscuits..i really works! feed the dogs about three gingernut biscuts about two or three hours before you travel and wonder at the miracle of no dog sick in yer car!
ginger settles a dogs stomach more effectively than anything else...and all doggies love a ginger mum bred/showed dogs all her life and always fed them gingernuts before travelling! let me know how ya get on!
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Thankyou all for your helpful replies.

As we don't have a car I haven't had the opportunity to get them use to travelling in one!!

It's only a 15 minute journey each way tomorrow.
I'll pop out and get some ginger biscuits in the morning.
I'll report back later!!!
My son takes the puppy JRT in his car for short journeys to go for exercise runs and the poor little puppy is sick in his carrier box every time . I'll try ginger biscuits before he goes out next though :-)
How did the journey go cameo?
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Hi there shivvy,
Well I didn't feed them anything in the morning, we were going out at 10.45am.
About an hour and a half before we left they each had 1 and a 1/2 ginger biscuits.
Journey took about 15 minutes and neither one was sick!! Yay!!
They were being taken to the 'poodle parlour', they have never been before, so it was a little stressfull for them!
3 hours later, journey home, no sick - YAY!!
However, much longer in the car and I think one of them would of been ill.
All in all, a very good trip!!

Thanks to everyone for their help and advice x
Excellent cameo :-)
Result! Hopefully not being sick with help them next time, they will remember a sick free journey.
I really didn't want you to end up in jules77s situation with ginger smelling sick!!

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dogs getting car sick.

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