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cat's nose

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sara3 | 21:16 Tue 24th Jun 2008 | Animals & Nature
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my cat is young and in good health. he has a pink nose but sometimes it looks very pale, and other times it is a deep pink. why is that?


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I thought it was an indication of how they were feeling at the time:-

pale = calm
pink = excited
deep pink = very excited or hyperactive

My 11month old,all white Caspar's pink nose is ALWAYS deep pink......could it be because he gets his jolly's bouncing off the walls????
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nope, he's fast asleep (as usual!) and his nose is deep pink.

maybe he's having hyper dreams :o)
I think its to do with temperature, you know. when my puddy tats are curled up snoozing in a warm fuzzy ball, their noses are bright pink but when they are out early or late and its cooler, they have pale pink schnozzes. what creases me is when all their spuds go bright pink too (toes!)
And my Frankie's little pink nose goes a redder shade after his sister sticks her claws in it. He wanders around with a red dotted nose quite often!

Question Author
spuds? I thought they were beans!
I can't tell with Flossie - her nose is completely black!

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cat's nose

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