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Stray Cat

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toby99 | 21:10 Fri 11th Apr 2008 | Animals & Nature
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To all my fellow cat lovers - I had some great news today! Last night I took in a stray cat whose future looked very bleak. He was old looking, dirty, battered & scratched, but oddly enough quite fat. He has obviously come from a loving, doting family, but he has been a stray for a long time. I thought I could give him a warm, safe & loving place to see his last few days out. He had a good night and I took him to the vet tonight and it turns out he is in good health and ONLY 4-5yrs old and just lazy. His shabby coat is just down to worms & fleas etc - looks like I have a new pet!!


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That's brilliant toby! It sounds as if he will scrub up nicely and you will have a wonderful new pet. He's a lucky cat to have found a lovely new home - what will you call him?
Brilliant!! Well done! Happy days ahead for both of you! Love, K xxx
What a lucky cat! Well done Toby 99. My neighbour who has cats took in a stray last year. Well he wasn't really a stray, he had been left behind by someone who had moved out. It took a long time for her to coax him inside. He lived in the garden for months. He only started to go in when the winter came. You should see him now, he looks wonderful. I have 3 cats myself, but one of them will not tolerate any of the neighbours cats in his garden. He attacks them. I could not take him in, but I fdid feed him initially. What are you going to call your new addition? I like the name Henry. My first persian was called Henry, he was a lovely cat.
congratulations on your new master, I am sure that he will train you to do as you are told in no time

Remember and chop off those horrible big growths under his tail. :-)

Have fun.
Wonderful!!!...another furbaby has found a loving home.
good to hear a nice story for a change, thats how I came across my cat some years ago, it adopted us by sitting on our front door step, so muggins here took him in, fleas an all. We had him for another 15 years, and reckoned he was around 6 when we took him in. good luck.
That is a lovely story toby, one lucky cat out of so many who aren't so lucky. Be nice to see some pics ...
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Hi All - Not sure what we are going to call him yet; leaving it for my daughter to decide - like your ideas though. He has had a great night -made himself at home and we have introduced him to our other two, which has gone better than I thought; may be because he's male? He is massive and just lolls around all usually stretched out on his back purring - he practically pins you down when he sits on your knee! First thing we have to do is get his weight down as the Vet said it is not down to llness, just being pampered. I think e.g. he's been with an old lady who has gone into a Home and the family have left him to fend etc, The people where we found him tried for over two weeks to find his owner and my Vets did a search - I just hope nobody is missing him!
good luck with your new friend
lucky puss sounds like his landed on his paws with you. my mum has a stray or at least thats how he acts, we know his name is sam as when he did first appear on the scene he was wearing a collar with name tag. hes not had the snip unfortunately. i suspect he comes from a home with lots of other cats but hangs out at my mums for a bit of peace and quiet as he is always sporting some sort of injury from fighting with other cats, i loved to know if he does have an owner cos id love to adopted him and whisk him off to the vets.
well done so pleased he has found a good home its nice to see some good news have a lovely new life together lots of love ruth
Another nice cat story : Our vets have just extended their surgery premises & had an open day today, for all their clients - it was good, they had a lovely hog roast & a bar as well! Whilst looking round the new surgery, I was in the kennel room and they only had one patient in - a little tabby kitten, about 4 months old. I was chatting to one of our lovely vets and asked her about the little guy and she told me the following story: The kitten was knocked over by a car, about a fortnight ago, right outside the vets' practice. No-one knew who it belonged to, but the vets took her in. They had to amputate a leg, patch up her broken ribs and wire her broken jaw, but she's making an amazing recovery (she's young, so I guess that helps) and she's now found a lovely new home, with one of the vets' mums. Isn't that sweet? I'd like to add that our vets are an all female practice (apart from the senior partner, who's semi-retired now - he's lovely, too!) and they don't just deal with pet animals. We are a farming community and those lasses are just as capable as any man in dealing with any farm animal - I think they're brilliant, and so do our local farmers, who had a bit of a job initially, accepting 2 young lassies as their vets. Good on you, girls!

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Stray Cat

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