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FLea problem please help!!

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nobbyloo | 01:37 Sun 18th Nov 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I do hope somebody can help me I have been looking on different website for ages now and can't seem to find an answer. I moved into a rented house in June and had a pet cat after being here for approx a month I noticed the cat had fleas, I went to the vet and bought the frontline combo which I thought had dont the trick. the cat never seemd to get rid of the fleas and I started noticing them around the house the children noticed them in their bedrooms.

unfortunatley I had to get rid of the cat ( for a seperate reason) but I thought as a silver lining at least the fleas would go, this was not the case i have now took the carpet up in the whole house and have had the house fumigated by the council 4 days ago. still I am seeing fleas when i walk around my house they jump on my legs. I really don't know what to do
Will they live with only us in the house
Should I get the council back out to fumigate again
I can't keep living with no carpet but I don't want to get a new one while I still have the problem,
Any suggestions would be greatly received


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Change your carpet, then get the cat back. Good luck xx
Poor you - it's a horrible problem and unfortunately it is likely that the fleas were there before you moved in.
As far as I know the only solution is to get the whole house treated again (did you bring your own furniture or was it furnished?). Speak to the Environmental Health department at the council and ask their advice on this. It may take a little while but they can be got rid of
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thanks for your answers, yes I did bring my old furniture with me but I never had a flea problem in the old house,(well not that I knew of anyway) I can't get my cat back as we had to get rid of him because he became visciuos with my children.
Keep vacumming the carpet, it gets the eggs up before they hatch, you have to break the cycle. Get the environmental health out again to fumigate and make sure you vacuum thoroughly before they come.
Also check any clothes that you have stored, they can get into that and so wash all those as well.
Hope this helps.
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Just to update you incase anybody else has this problem.

I contacted the council today and they said that the pesticide used is strong and will work for up to 28 days so the new fleas that are hatching will still be affected when they come into contact with it. I am still seeing the fleas but hopefully they will die out eventually. If not they can respray after 28 days

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FLea problem please help!!

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