Green water in tropical fish tank

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Illyria54 | 12:56 Tue 29th May 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I have had to clean my tropical fish tank twice in the past week, the water was just like pea soup! I have kept tropical fish for about 3 years now, and this is the first time this has happened, I have recently had to change the light, the one I have now is 'whiter' than the last one, could this be the problem, how long do you leave your light switched on in the tank? I always thought that fluorescent lights helped to kill algae growth, or am I being 'green' as well? Any advice gratefully received! Thanks.


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I shall be interested in the replies you receive - I have had exactly the same problem with my solitary goldfish. he has been kept in a bowl for over ten years, cleaned out when required, no problem. Then, an influx of green, which returned within two days after cleaning. I have excahnged his gravel, and wait to see if the problem returns - if anyone knows why this may be, I am sure we are keen to know.
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I even boiled the gravel after washing it in case anything was lurking in there, but it's a problem that has only just happened, it's so frustrating, especially after the tank has looked great up till now.
I know it is just as annoying for you, but I am glad it isn't just me.
Not in direct sunlight is it? If so it could just be an algae bloom.
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No, it's been in the same position for 3 years now without problem, until this week.
Thanks anyway.
very difficult to say....i'd personally leave the lights off for 24-48 won't hurt the fish.

One thing that many people do when they get algea problems is to clean the tank/bowl out. They then fill the tank/bowl back up with tap water (sometimes treated with chlorine remover).

Unfortunately, tap water contains just about everything needed for algea to flourish including phosphates and nitrates. If you can use distilled or reverse osmosis water (usually sold at good aquatic shops for 50p a gallon) this will starve algea of all the nutrients.

Hope this helps a bit
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I have to say that I am guilty where the water is concerned, I have used bottled water in the past.
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OK, I have just gone into the lounge to feed my fish, the light was off all night, they were cleaned out yesterday and the water is turning green again, so it must be the water at fault, so that special water is the next thing to try. Thanks.
essentially TOO MUCH LIGHT
now this could be having the lights on for too long , or having direct daylight on the said tank,... trying limiting the hours of lights being on, planting more plants in the tank itself and and do a weekly 2/3 water change. You see the qualities in the water [ the nitrogen ammonia Co2 etc] are a very fine balance , simply leaving it too long before cleaning the filter or adding a few more fish can tip the ballance. But Chiefly i would address the lighting and the water changes first
Good luck !

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Green water in tropical fish tank

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