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Cooking in the Danger Zone

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dummkopf | 12:53 Mon 07th May 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I saw the end part of this programme last night on BBC2 while 'flicking' channels. I will never forget the pictures I saw of the way 'people' in Korea treat animals. Barbaric is the first word that comes to mind, I know all about different cultures etc etc....but when an animal screams , how do they NOT feel compassion ? The desolate look in the eyes of some of the dogs reduced me to tears. Words fail me.


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I have emailed this BBC with a complaint. Would other ABers do the same?
have you seen this petition? - it relates to the treatment of animals in China ina/index.html
Its been going on for some time,If you look back you will find we had a petition on here a few weeks back and we have also sent e-mails to the papers lets hope the programme will do some good for those poor animals and their suffering.I know its terrible showing these things but its the only way to show people what cruel things are happening in some parts of the world,the people who carry out these terrible acts do not know the meaning of compassion.
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I've sent my e-mails to the Korean Government and Tourist Board. I've also signed the petition you posted jules, you just feel helpless and incensed at the same time. I do hope something is done about this dreadful practice.
Before turning your attention to the well-being of animals in other countries, are you happy enough with the treatment of all farmed / kept animals in the UK?

Good question TBG! Although we do not appear to be so barbaric as this in the UK although I do agree if we had to see the animals killed or had to kill them ourselves we probably wouldn't eat meat anyway. No loss there then.
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Of course I'm not happy with the treatment of farmed animals in this country BUT at least we do have laws here. It's not practice here to string an animal up and beat it to death.
If you're focusing on the practice of stringing up and beating - did they say that was current? We were shown black-and-white photos of it, and I think I recall one person say it was outdated.

Was it just that that concerned you?
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It isn't just the 'stringing up' that concerns me, the whole idea of eating these intelligent animals is abhorrent to me..., end of.
farm animals in the uk, with the exception of birds, are treated in the best ways possible. They live their lives in fields and then in winter are put in barns which get very cosy and when the time comes for them to be slaughtered it is done in the most humane way possible.
however, chickens are treated abominably still, barn-raised laying chickens often turning to cannabilism and fattening chickens often too fat to support themselves. These animals are treated terribly, but i will agrue with anyone who says that british farm animals are also treated badly, they are not. Only buy british meat.
I never saw the program but other countries are a long way behind us in terms of animal treatment. That needs a lot of work.

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Cooking in the Danger Zone

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