Group of slugs

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cdhoughton | 10:54 Thu 31st Aug 2006 | Animals & Nature
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What is a group of slugs called?

e.g. a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese etc


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To my knowledge they don't hang around in groups, maybe a small gang or maybe its a slither of rebellious teenage slugs starting to hangout on the corner of the patio looking for trouble thanks to some irresponsible humans putting beer out for them, waiting till after dark before they go scrumping the tomatoes and getting totally slimmed up on the odd cabbage leaf.
nice one ratter lol :-)
It is a technically a group, but gang is a popular term!
I love the thought of teen slugs wearing hoodies and leaning nonchalantly against the patio doors sneering at everything else that goes past....

I obviously need to get out more!
psml at the thought of chav slugs
How about a slime of slugs lol

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Group of slugs

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