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Dog - Watery eyes

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Jade Trinket | 23:01 Sun 18th Jun 2006 | Animals & Nature
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My dog a male jack russell, one year old has recently developed watery eyes that look a little bit sore. I wasn't sure what I should bathe them in? I wondered if he has got hayfever as he often runs in grass. I will seek professional help should this continue.

Thank you.



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I have a yorkshire terrier and he sometimes gets icky eyes. I find that luke warm water, mixed with a little bit (half a teaspoonish) of salt, helps clear it up. If you use a cotton ball soaked in the solution, and stroke it accross his eye it should help! If it doesnt get any better, then obviously take him to the vets. But I've found this to be a very succesful way of helping my dog.

Hope he's ok

Do take him to the vet could be conjuctivitus ..which my dog had recently.Dogs eyes are delicate things .Better to seek professional advice .
it could be conjunctivitis/ pink eye

I would always take a dog to the vet with an eye problem. This sounds like conjunctivitis, but JRT's are prone to a hereditary condition called Primary Lens Luxation (although this doesn't usually show until they are about 2- 6 years old).

Better to be safe than sorry.

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Dog - Watery eyes

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