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Pet names

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Champagne | 15:17 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Do you have 'pet names' for your pet?

The reason I ask is because I have a brindle boxer by the name of Solly, but more often than not I refer to him as one of the following:-

- Sol
- Stinky
- Schnookumdooks
- Doglet
- Mutley

All of which he responds to (because of the tone of my voice). Do you always call your pet by its official name?



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Our dogs will all answer to 'whatever is this'!!!

As well as their own names!!!

My Lexi is also called SugarPlum, Baby Girl, Honey Bun, Baby BadA** and Sweetie Pie. :)

my kitty's full name is mr. frederick larrabey. he is not pedigree, or anything, just named after a movie character (whats up doc) and that is the name of the character (except that i stupidly spelled it wrong - should have been larrabee, but i didnt read the credits!).

now that i am married, he has also taken on my married name at the end. i usually only call him larrabey unless he's in trouble, then of course i call him by his full name (that's what you do with your children, you know.)

anyway, my husband calls him "gato" - that is the spanish word for cat (even though my husband does not speak spanish, go figure). sometimes i call him "kitty", or "push" (i guess like puss), and i sing to him lots of songs that i make up about him:

tune of "you are my sunshine": you are my kit-tee, your name is larr-a-bee, you make me hap-pee, and you are graaaaa, youll never now dear, how much i loooove you, so please dont take my larr-a-bee away

or like the beatles, "let it be": larrabey, larrabey, larrabey, larrabey, you are my gray kit-tee, larabee-hee

and of course to the tune of "good ship lollipop": he is a good boy, larrabey, he is a sweet boy, he is a gray kit-tee

okay, tired and rambling now... hope you enjoyed my post. :D

i had a collie cross called maddison and her nick names was maddie, maddie rat, mads,mad and the only time we called her maddison was she did something wrong?
and other dog is called klondike which is a alastian and we only can call her klondike because we cant shorten it so that is why we got her
my mother had a cat called spit because thats all she did.
we have one gsd girl who is called ruby however she answers to
rubyloo-pooy looey-loo loo-la la -roo bear-ru poppy loo- and ofcourse her real name...ruby!!!!!.oh i forgot
lolly, and they say dogs dont uderstand..............rubbish!!!!!

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Pet names

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