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What is your favourite animal?

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123345 | 17:46 Wed 26th Apr 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Today in a worldwide poll the panda was voted the most popular animal in the world.I have to say I agree.They are so fat and cuddly.And they have lots of fluffy fur.Their paws are so fat and they have really sweet little noses and beautiful little black eyes.Awwww.


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As sweet and adroable as they look, they'd rip your arm off within seconds!
Adorable even*
Question Author
I know but they are soo sweet.Everyone is being nice to me today so thank you!

Also one of the most endangered, if we dont start to leave this animal alone and its natural surroundings, our kids may not be able to enjoy this animal

Heiffer. Medium rare served with doorstop chips.

Well I didn't agree with your comments the other day 123345, thought they were appalling but I'm certainly not going to hold against a grudge against you.

Have a good day:-)

My favourites are Chimps. Could watch em for hours. So intelligent too, more than some humans, me thinks!!!
Question Author
Thanks BOO anyway shammydodger I will ignore that answer.So no-one else likes pandas.Oh well.

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