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centipedes & millipedes not insects but what are they

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waynesworld | 20:33 Tue 29th Oct 2002 | Animals & Nature
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what are millipedes, centepedes, also i know woodlice are related to shrimps but what are they classed as ? thanks in advance.


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Can't remember what family they belong to, but I do know a millipede has 2 pairs of legs/segment and a centipede only 1 pair. A woodlouse is the only land living crustacean(sp), so is therefore related to crabs and the like.
According to my "AA Book of the British Countryside" there are three separate answers. Centipedes are distantly related to ants, and spiders. The best known of the British species is Lithobius Forficatus. The name centipede literally means 'a hundred legs' but the number of legs varies from species to species, ranging from 17 to 177 pairs. Each of the many segments of their bodies bears a pair of legs..........Although there are at least 44 species of Millipedes in Britain, many are rare. They differ from centipedes in having two pairs of legs - rather than one pair- on most of their body segments, giving a total of about 150 legs in the largest British specie. Common species in the British Isles are Glomeris Marginata, found in woodlands, Oxidus Gracilis, which lives in greenhouses, Blaniulus Guttulatus, living in arable soil, PlyxenusLagurus, found under stones and bark and lastly Polydesmus Augustus, the common field flat-back species. Woodlouse is the only land-living relative of the aquatic crabs, shrimps and lobsters. The common pill-bug is Armadillidium Vulgare and the Common Woodlouse is Oniscus Asellus.
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Dear Tartanwizard - What a kind invitation and I'm certain that it will be a lot of fun, but as I live the furthest south possible coupled with being choc full of antibiotics (which may account for some odd postings!!) sadly I shall have to pass. I really hope you all have a terrific time. xxx
Cetti - sorry to hear you are poorly. However, the Convention isn't until March. Perhaps you'll be better by then? Also, if you're concerned about the journey, I'm from Kent and I'm likely to be going - maybe we could travel together? Just a thought! (Thanks waynesworld for the use of your e-mail!)
A lovely idea flirty, I'll certainly bear it in mind. Thank you.

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centipedes & millipedes not insects but what are they

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