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Merlin Free?

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Cloverjo | 18:27 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I would love to get the Merlin app which identifies birds' songs. I don't want to sign up for a regular financial commitment. Is there a free one for iPhone? I can't find one. I would love to know the bird that sounds like it's singing Come On Eileen



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Merlin was developed in the USA  and is therefore more likely to concentrate on North American birds. 

Chirp!, which is available for a one-off fee of £3.99, might be better for British birds:

Clover go on the RSPB website you can listen to the song of all the birds there for free.;term=jay

And a couple of days ago I sent a load of books plus a bird disc which played the sound of all British birds.  Sorry if I'd have only known.  It might still be in the Oxfam shop in Blatchington Road, Hove.

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Thank you Buenchico and ladybirder. 

We use Merlin (by Cornell Labs) on our iPhones here in Ireland - it is amazingly good at identifying the birds around here. Wouldn't be without it and our family in the UK also praise it.


It is entirely free on iPhone (don't use Android, but believe it is also free on that platform).


I just searched for Merlin on the App Store and the Cornell app is the second hit in the results list.

I have the Merlin App on my phone. I downloaded it recently on a trip to Costa Rica. You don't have to commit to anything apart from putting in your email.

I have used it every day for the last four weeks in both Costa Rica and my back garden. I love it. You start recording and it lists all the birds singing in the vicinity. It also highlights which bird is singing when. You can then seek more information about that bird on the app.



I have used  Merlin for a good while in the Uk. It is free on iPhone and gives excellent results. I'm an RSPB member and reserve volunteer. It's very useful in picking out birds in our forested areas. Recogition packs are provided for UK and Ireland, Europe and the Western Palearctic, which covers pretty much all we would find here. 

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Merlin Free?

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