Kittwns Dark Brown Fur Turning Black

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Darkmagicstars | 01:01 Mon 12th Jul 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Ok so i have a kitten hes almoat 4 months old. His normally dark chocolate brown fur is turning black. It was not like this last month. Ive not been able to find a reason foe this amd his vet check last month was fine. So anyone have anyidea why this is happening?


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It's perfectly normal.

Most mammals have changes in their hair colour during their early lives. For example, in humans, hair colour tends to lighten between the ages of about 9 months and 2½ years but can then darken quite noticeably between the ages of 3 and 5, with further changes (often darkening) around the onset of puberty.

Cats are much the same!
My son was the same. His hair was light blonde until about 4, then turned darker into his current light brown colour!
I had blond hair as a wee one and it got darker but now it's more of an invisible colour...
Apart from purebred Havana Brown cats and a few other specialist breeds, truly brown cats are extremely rare. When a brown cat breeds with any other type of cat, the gene that produces brown fur (that then remains that way for life) is usually less dominant than competing genes from the other cat.

So most brown kittens are likely to end up as black (or very close to it).
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Ok lil more info here he is definatly a mixed breed but jas siamese like markings on ears around hus mouth and nose a well as feet and legs. You know how siames markings are. So i woukdnt doubt he has siamese in him. But the color chang within a month just had me skiddish. I will certainly make sure tp bring it up with tge vet wgen he goes back later this month to make sure theres not a underlying condition causing it

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Kittwns Dark Brown Fur Turning Black

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