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My cats are only bothered about food, food, food!!!
Question Author
Mine would only enjoy the box the self assemble kit came in.
It has far too many places for a moggy to puke up in.
I had to google that....

Omg...look at the price!!
omg is right almost 900 dollars eeek..
Question Author
Wow, lol

I would love one for myself. On a bigger scale of course, ha ;o)
That's for the one can add more bits.
Easier to go to a garden centre and get a real tree.
as wolf pointed out, how do you clean it, more likely they would play with the box it came in -
I guess that’s what you buy for the cat/s that have everything!!
Ziggi has a three tiered cat ladder arrangement but won’t go higher than step one...think it’d be wasted on him but I’d love it !!
Not a cat to be seen. They have good taste. Mine would leave home!

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