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jennyjoan | 11:40 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Animals & Nature
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I know nothing about the above only when the groomer will ask - do you want his anal glans done. What I want to know like how many times a year should he have them done. Thanks


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Our dog had a couple of very minor but very smelly leaks from his glands over the last twelve months.
He had a vet visit last month for his annual jabs and we asked the vet to check the glands to see if they needed emptying. Vet checked them and said they were fine so did nothing.
I don’t think it’s a case of how often they should be done but rather if there’s a problem they should be checked.
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ok Vagus - it is just when Maxie has to be groomed the groomer will ask - do you want his anal glans done. So he could be groomed like 3 times a year but last year I only agreed to it once - I don't know but do think it is painful for him. Is it painful and unnecessary for him if he is not bothered with them.
if its not a problem for the dog (biting his bum, scooting along the floor) and there is no leakage then he doesn't ever need them doing. I have had two dogs who needed regular treatment and 3 who didn't. It is uncomfortable/painful for the dog so if it doesn't need doing because there is a problem then say no.
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ok - thanks Woof and Vagus for your answers.
Just be glad you have someone offering to do it! It is probably the single most offensive thing to have to do to a dog and most groomers/vets end up getting smothered in a foul smelling liquid if they don't get it right. Some dogs get regular problems and end up having to have them removed surgically.
My first two dogs (unrelated) both needed theirs done regularly so I learned to do it myself which was much better for the dogs. I tried all the suggested stuff, diet changes and so on but nothing helped and as the surgery is unpleasant with a slow and painful recovery I decided that so long as I could manage the situation then I would. There was a school of thought (might still be) at the time that said that the more often they were emptied, the more often they would need emptying, this is categorically not true and can result in a nasty and painful infected impaction.

...but like I said not every dog needs it doing and better not to meddle if they don't need it.

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Dog Anal Glans

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