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Bobbisox1 | 16:58 Sat 16th Jan 2021 | Animals & Nature
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C.mon let's see them

Lola aged nearly 6 ( next month ) I'm an F2 Cockapoo


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Eek!! Naughty Mamya , you know my fear :0)))

I am Mia, I've just turned 6 and I'm Queen of the house
Wasn't a go at you Bobbi, they've been in the lounge before now on the hunt for a treat.
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Hey I know that Mamya ;)
Mia certainly looks in charge Prudie.
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Mia is very regal Prudie x
I’ve been throwing the ball down the hallway for this one about 4 hrs now!
My name is Toby (also known as tubby). I'm about 5 years old. This is me the day I was rescued from being a street cat. I was a right mess. That was 3 months ago.

This is me about 5 days later in my foster home. Unfortunately, I'm still hiding a lot in my forever home. I sneak out when no one is looking.
Just a bit shy,but my master supplies all my needs.
Now come on, Mamya. You know that when I asked you for a goose, that isn'twhat I meant ;-)

Lola is a lovely dog, Bobbi!

Mia is utterly gorgeous, Prudie! (ALL cats know that they're the boss though!)

I've not got any recent pics of my cats. (I keep telling myself that I really must take some but I never seem to get around to it). However there are plenty of pictures of them among my web galleries here anyway:
Here’s Rodney
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Zac, love your boys lugs (/ears) haha

Pasta tubs I'd so lucky to find his forever home with you
LOL @ Sqad. Did she take much training?
I'm Cleo,and I'm a mature 9 year old. I don't like looking at the camera, so I play coy.
I’m thinking of renting him out to be in horror films, Bobbi ;-)
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Omg, I'm in love with Rodney Rocky
That is one very daft dog, Zacs!

I've said before how lovely Toby is, Pasta - and I ain't gonna change my mind!

(Sorry, Squad. Your link requires Instagram membership in order to access it. Try uploading to here instead: )
Zacs......putty in my hands.
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Zac, he sure likes his home comforts :0)

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