My Dog's Strange Habit

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fruitsalad | 19:29 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Animals & Nature
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If I give my dog a dental stick or a biscuit etc when I leave the house he doesnt eat it until I'm home, and If I give him a biscuit etc when I am home he doesn't eat it until hes sat on my lap, do any other pets do stranger things?


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He's probably delaying reward in the hope of getting a second for being a good boy, yes you are, you're a good boy.
He's a bootiful boy, yes he is.

My cats would often ignore me for long periods of time, but then wait outside while I was in the bathroom. When I came out they'd stalk off again.
IMO comfort eating. He feels safe when you are home but not until you are. Nothing wrong in that but please make him feel good and praise him when he eats... Poor animals need reassurance whatever age they are., good luck.....they need LOVE ...
awww..wee baby... I have to get down beside Mia when she is offered Dreamies etc.. once she starts chomping it's fine..but she will not start till I am down there beside
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He's still a young dog 21 months, I am always praising him, because he is a well behaved boy, he just has some strange little ways.
I had a rescue cat who would jump up and bite and scratch me, but would only eat when I was lying down next to her.

I lost her in a custody battle to my ex-boyfriend. She went to his parents' farm, where I'm sure she was much happier.
Tilly, my dog, has this irritating habit of asking, in her way, to go out. We go to the back door and I open it and she stands there, sniffing the air, before deciding that actually, she doesn't want to go out after all and turns around back into the kitchen. Meanwhile, the boiler has kicked it because the back door has been open for five minutes. It drives me mad!
I have a cat who will only ever purr if she's upstairs. She'll sit beside me downstairs and allows a cuddle but will never purr. Upstairs she is a completely different cat - purring and talking and demanding a fuss be made of her.
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pets ..especially cats..put a lot of effort into training their hoooomans !
Two of mine are the same, it’s because they get anxious when you leave them and a dog will not eat when it’s in a state of anxiety. Most dogs have some level of stress when one of the pack is absent, the signs aren’t always obvious and some cope better than others. Sitting on your lap is comforting which is why he’s happy to eat his treat there. One of mine brings his chew toy puts it and his front paws on my feet and proceeds to gnaw away (a bit annoying). All 3 of mine are weird in their own ways, I think all animals have their own little quirks.
My dog's little quirk is that she will NEVER have a drink when I'm in the same room as her. If I hear her having a drink, I have to hover around the corner until I hear that she's finished as the second I walk in she'll stop! I sometimes just go to the toilet when I'm certain she needs a drink and sure enough after a couple of minutes I hear her lapping ! No idea why she's like this

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My Dog's Strange Habit

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