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Live On My Land If I Have Cows Or Can I Sell Caravans On My Land

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ddncb123 | 21:13 Wed 10th May 2017 | Animals & Nature
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can i live on my land if i sell caravans


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Regarding living on your land, would it be in a tent, in a caravan or in an existing or building?
Do you own the land or do you pay ground rent?
^existing or NEW building
Are folk forced to live on someone elses land if they sell caravans ? Glad I didn't choose that as a career then.
What use is your land registered for?
If your land is registered as agricultural land , No you can't live on it!
Agricultural land is only able to be used for agriculture! So you can keep your cows on it but not live on it.
Again if it is agricultural land you can't use it as a retail outlet to sell caravans or live on it.
To be able to live on your land you need to get it reclassified as residential land . This WILL NOT be easy!
Land with planning permission for residential use is worth at least 10x the value of the same land with only agricultural use permitted!
You might be able to stay on your land temporarily if you need to look after the cows for example, but you are not permitted a permanent dwelling
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I'm not sure you have to register as anything, wacker, and travellers are not normally allowed to remain in the same place for anywhere near as long as ddncb would want/need.
I think eddie is probably right about the land being registered for agricultural use so the ideas of living and selling caravans there is almost certainly a non-starter, but good luck

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Live On My Land If I Have Cows Or Can I Sell Caravans On My Land

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