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Nervous Cat/new Home

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Answerprancer | 00:40 Tue 13th Sep 2016 | Animals & Nature
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I've just moved into a new place with four of my former housemates one of whom who has decided to adopt a cat (from the old place). The cat is of a very nervous disposition and has only been here for about a week most of which was spent hiding under her bed. She has challenged advice from experienced cat owners about the time needed for a cat to acclimatise and tonight decided to let her out into the back garden at around midnight.
We had a bit of a clash when I challenged her on this. She was sitting out there presumably monitoring the situation, but the cat is nervy and there is a railway line right at the end of the garden.
Advice please?


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Who is 'she'?
Hi AP, I have very little experience of pet Cats - a nervous cat is bound to take extra time to settle so maybe it is too soon, only time will tell.

Do hope Puss is OK.

Good luck in your new place too.
Question Author
Thanks Mamya.
JD: 'the cat's mother', that's all you need to know ;-)
Cats kill wildlife, trains kill anything in their tracks... best keep it indoors.
Question Author
Her, MC ...HER ;-)
I thought you'd say that. I wasn't sure whether it referred to the cat itself or its owner.
Question Author
Context JD ...context! Have a coffee and read back over it.
Cats kill wildlife, trains kill anything in their tracks... best keep the cat indoors.
Question Author
You've already said that MC.
Question Author
...ah sorry, I just noticed the edit "the cat". Very good.
Was the cat accustomed to being outside at your old place ?

Does 'the cat's mother' intend the cat should be an outdoor cat at the new home?

Of course what the two ultimately wind up doing is in the lap of the cat god ...all you can do is watch from the sidelines and pray to whichever god you revere !

Hops all pans out ok
I am sleepy so this best I can do

My two are still nervy and they are eleven.

Feliway spray or plug-in is supposed to make them feel better and more chilled

Is cat to be indoor cat like mines or outdoor cat

It is possible to create a cat proof garden, like an aviary. The cat can go outside but still be safe.

I had run out of brain power and Frankie is glaring t me 'coz he wants to get back on the bed. Frankie is not a brave cat and he is a mummy's boy. His sister is stupid and vicious, but she is pretty.

Please tell me the cat came back in and didn't run off and hide AP. If so, she's very lucky to still have her. Stupid woman.
Question Author
Yes she came back in, shortly after the slanging match.
At least she seems to know where to run to. We'll all just have to tread carefully when she's out there to avoid making her panic and wind up on the bloody railway track. There is nowhere a catflap could be put in, it's all metal doors and double glazing, we'll just have to hope she can be called in when we need to lock up. It's a totally unsuitable house for a cat IMO, I said this from the beginning but was largely ignored.
Thanks for the advice folks.
Thanks for the update AP, good to know there was a happy conclusion to he drama ....hope the cat settles into a pattern she's comfortable with :))
I've never put mine out. I just leave a window open and they come and go as they please, which isn't often.

A week is not long for a cat to settle. The cat should be left alone to get used to its surroundings in its own time.

Although you say the cat is hiding under the bed it'll be spending most of its time sleeping.

My cat is so lazy I have to wake it for food!
That's really worrying the cat not having easy access to its home. Either of my cats when fleeing from danger would hurl themselves through the cat flap to safety. Nothing you have said bodes well for this poor cat AP except that you are keeping an eye on her thank goodness. BTW puss has been 'done' hasn't she or the problem will be 10 times worse. Oh and has your housemate also taken on the responsibility for the cost of annual boosters, flea treatment, worming etc plus any other vet bills that may need paying in the hopefully long life of this feline.
AP - the difficulty is, cats are all different. My latest addition to the household I kept in for two weeks during which time he largely hid away and hissed at the others. 11 months later he is about as happy as it gets.

My naughty boy (ASBO) was kept in when I moved here but he escaped after only a couple of days. He was absolutely fine when he came sauntering back in through the flap a couple of hours later with a look that said "you been looking for me you daft cow?".

Thankfully it looks as if the new kitty found her way back. Kitty's slave would be best advised to let the cat do what it wants when it feels ready. Kitty will soon learn the railway is not a good place to be and it will only take a couple of trains at close proximity for her to steer clear.

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Nervous Cat/new Home

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