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Sedating Cat

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EvianBaby | 09:54 Mon 04th May 2015 | Animals & Nature
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Morning all. Long time no speak.

Anyone got any experience of sedating their cat? I'm moving to Cornwall in a couple of weeks which means having the cat locked up for a minumum of 4 hours - longer if traffic is against us. He's not a good traveller on short journeys so wondering if sedation would be a good option.

If it makes any difference, we'll be moving straight into a house with 2 other boy cats (although we'll be keeping them seperated for a few days at least). Would being a bit wacked out make all that change even worse for him or help?


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Sedation is an option but obviously your vet will give the best advice on that. Feliway spray on his travel crate may help as well. A Feliway plug in might help settle things the other end. If it works, it's excellent.
We introduced a very troubled cat to our home and it was most effective.
I`d ask the vet. I brought took my Mum`s cat on several journeys between North Devon and Middlesex (about 3 3/4 hours on a good day). The cat didn`t like it but you can`t really guage from a short journey what they will be like on a long journey. It`s the getting in the cat box that they hate but they tend to be resigned to the situation after a while. Towards the end of the journey the cat would start meowing and putting her paws out through the holes in the cage and I did feel sorry for her but there was nothing I could do, really. Make sure you don`t let the cat eat too much before the journey.
I wish there was an editing function on here. I meant "I took"
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Thanks. I've already ordered some feliway even though it's not been much use before and will be consulting the vet, was just hoping others might have had personal experience to share.
Hi Evian...nice to see you :-)

If I need to take my cats to the vet I use dreamies. It's cat drugs. They stare at me like 'where's the music ***'
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Hi Ummmm! Nice to see you too :)

I feel like I'm running some sort of cat emporium with the amount of treats in this place at the moment to try and keep him sweet. Not that it's having any other affect than him getting fatter. He's still *** on everything ;)
Frankie howls all the way to the Vet - I am never sure whether to strangle or cuddle him. The Feliway does help a little. Don't be tempted to open the carrier, but in case he does get away is he microchipped?

There could be a war when he gets to his destination. Is there any way of getting items that the cats have their scent on. Let your wee lad get used to the scents of the cats already there and something of his that might start to introduce him to his new friends.

I hope all goes well - but cats are pretty unpredictable. ( amongst other things)

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ThanksWolf. I've got a feliway diffuser being plugged into his room in the new house this week plus one here, plus the spray for an added extra. (Now I'm poor). I'll have all my blankets there for him too. Hoping it has some effect. He's already stressed out.

I've read a tonne of articles on introducing new cats but like you say, never know until we try it. Just keep your fingers crossed there's no bloodbath!
The vet will be able to advise but they are not keen on sedating animals for travel (although Benadryl is supposed to do the trick) I remember coming back from San Francisco with my cousin`s two Basset hounds in the aircraft hold. Sedation wasn`t advised at all and I don`t think people tend to do that. Four hours is not that long.
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Can't say I'm surprised, I'm not all that keen on the idea myself. Just feel sorry for the old mog and want to make it all as calm as possible for him (I'm a total sap for this stupid cat).
This site is very reliable and I hope you can pick up ideas.

Enjoy the trip
I have to agree, first of all ask your ved! However I moved last year and I have two cats.. Both of them don't like it to travel so asked my ved and he recommended some homeopathic stuff! It is not dangerous for my cats at all it just made them tired! I gave it to them in their daily water, the evening before the move and in the morning. Both of them were quite quiet and felt asleep after two hours.. On the next they both of them were back to normal!
Hello Evian, sorry I haven't seen this before. We moved dog and 14 yr-old cat in March. I had cat (Minnie) in her carrier sitting on the passenger seat so that she could see me and with the seat-belt round it.

The journey involved a short trip to Poitiers (1 hr) after being in the carrier for a couple of hours to enable house-clearing. Then an overnight stay in an hotel room, so out from carrier for the evening, but back in it overnight and another hour free in the morning.

This preceded a 7-and-a-half hour drive to Boulogne-sur-mer, another night in an hotel and then the next day was the Chunnel crossing and the drive up to very nearly the east coast of Yorkshire. I then popped her into a cattery for a few days until the move into the new house was complete.

I had been very worried about this, but a friend had moved 2 cats and said that they just blanked it all out and went to sleep. That was what happened. She sailed through it and is happily wandering around new house and garden now. No sedation needed, just the familiar blanket and limit food. Good luck, I'm sure the move will be OK, I'd worry more about the other 2 cats. :)
Try a few drops of Rescue Remedy in the cats tongue -or ask the vet thats probably the best idea. My cat is a terrible traveler -she managed to come all the way from Calgary in a cat carrier with no problem but a short trip in a car to the vet and noises come out of her only heard in primordial forests. last time she nearly pulled a tooth out trying to get out of the cat carrier and it was only a 15 minute journey.

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