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What Can We Do To Help Protect And Save Nature?

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Highbrow | 00:10 Wed 06th Feb 2013 | Animals & Nature
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As far as you are concerned, what steps do you take to help protect the environment? What are they? How about you ? Are you ready to take action against pollution and to protect the environment ? How ?

I recycle everything, even down to removing the small glassine covers on paper envelops before I put the envelop in the paper recycling bin.
I compost everything possible; since I eat no animal products, that simplifies that.
I buy many of my daily grind clothes from the Second-hand Rose shop in town.
I throw the dirty cat litter into the woods where, I would guess, some animals recycle that as well.
I am torn about buying a new car with better emission quality and gas mileage; my car has only 30,000 miles so will compromise for a few more years.
I rarely joyride and piggyback errands.
I take books, CDs, and DVDs out of the library rather than purcharsing them.
When I do buy books, I get them used online...bad for our lovely little local book store, but again another compromise.
Nature is in danger because of pollution, human waste, greenhouse gases, etc. We must absolutely react and take action : otherwise, the planet will be in danger. Global warming is probably the most important threat.
What can be done? Sure, solutions exist. For example, we should start by not wasting energy.
We can do small changes to our daily routine like switch off the lights when leaving a room, turn off and unplug electronic devices we're not using, use less hot water, buy recycled paper products, avoid packaged products, use public transports, and walk instead of taking our cars whenever we can.
People shouldn't throw away polluting materials.
They should sort their rubbish and reduce their waste.
Last but not least, it would be a good thing to use renewable energy sources, like solar energy or windpower...
And I am ready to take action!


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I re-cycle, I also "upcycle" ie. turn potential rubbish into usable stuff. I switch off lights, I wear drab clothing when out in the countryside, I tear up the plastic thingies that hold beer cans together, so ickle birdies don't get their leggies caught in them when they arrive on a landfill. I Give and receive stuff on Freecycle. I don't eat beef because amongst other reasons I DESPISE the beef industry. I boycott McDonalds, Burger King, CocaCola and Nestlé ..I could go on.
Unfortunately Highbrow, the major polluting countries of the world ie. China, US, India, Russia, and the European Union don't have the same conviction as you.

What we may try to do individually is like a p**s in the ocean, but credit to you for doing your bit.

Apologies for the analogy.
Why do you think throwing dirty cat litter into the woods is the "environmental" thing to do?
Off topic slightly but Milvus - just thought you out to know, on a drive back from Bicester today, I counted no less than 44 red kites :-)
And did you hit anything while you were counting ap?
Yea, I wondered about the cat litter as well Milvus.
Fantastic sight AP. As you would guess, my favourite
Maybe he wasn't driving ladybirder!
We could stop using our computers.....
I was a bored passenger Ladybirder :-)
Yes indeed Milvus, and a wonderful sight too, they are so graceful. At one point I saw about ten circling the way vultures do, it made me wonder if there was the carcass of a dead sheep or something nearby.
I don't think landscapes strewn with wind turbines or fields full of endless solar panels protect the nature of their environment.
I reckon HB has produced a whole weeks worth of hot air there in just the one post!
my dear late husband had a description for this kind of thing

Sanctimonious claptrap!
AP I have been guilty myself of looking at the sky instead of the road many times driving through the red kite area of the M40. That's what prompted me to ask you. It's so hard not to look.
What makes you think you are alone doing your bit?
How self-centred.
Stop trying to teach your grandmothers to suck eggs.
We don't all boast about what we do.
Highbrow, I do hope you are getting some enjoyment from your life, too.

People shouldn't throw away polluting materials? Tell me what to do with my broken tv and sagging, stained mattress, please.

When you buy second hand books the author is making no money from your enjoyment.

Why aren't you composting your envelopes? Paper is an excellent fuel for compost.

I didn't think HB's post was particularly sanctimonious or self centered and definitely was not clap trap. He's only listing examples of positive things to do, at the end of the day, and why not? I don't read it as preachy.
I felt the same, AP.
He could get rid of his car and his computer.
Perhaps he makes up for car use in other ways eg. the numerous ones he's listed. What's nature-unfriendly about computers? I thought they were a good way of communicating environmental issues.

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