Any Experienced Cat Owners...advice Please...

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muchlovex | 18:37 Sun 20th Jan 2013 | Animals & Nature
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I have recently adopted a rescue kitten. SHe's 6 months old and has been with us just over 2 weeks. SHe is my little ray of sunshine, I just couldn't imagine life without her.

She's soooooo affectionate and purrs all of the time...

Anyway, I took her to the vet for her first injection and to be microchipped and vet recommended having her as a house cat as there are so many dangers outside for cats.

I am wondering whether cats can live a happy and content life being a housecat. I play with my kitten about 3 times a day to keep her occupied and stop her from getting bored.

She's not yet been outside, only via a cat carrier for a trip to the vets.

I was wondering if there are any tips an experienced cat owner can give me as to whether to allow her to go out or not. We do have a back garden, but she'd climb over the fence.
Some friends have recommended putting her on a harness, but I am not sure.

My thoughts are to keep her in for as long as possible, then when I evenutally let her out she wont stray too far.

She's such a friendly little kitty that I dont want her to come into harms way as I always hear of cats going missing etc.

Thanks for any advice offered.


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My opinion on this is that it would be cruel to confine the cat indoors all the time.

Don't let her out of the front of the house if you can help it to reduce the vehicle risk, and never let the cat out in the evening after food; she is more likely to come in when you call her if she's hungry ! And keep her in at night.

Fascinating creatures, aren't they ?

Even though I live on a quiet road, next door have lost several cats on the road. I never made a decision never to let my cat out, he just never seemed too bothered. He once got out when the front door was left open but the weather that day was awful and he came back in quick enough when the wind blew up his trumpet.

Inside he isn't short of entertainment. He'll play with anything he can get is claws round.

He's not much of a hunter, I have a problem with mice in the house and he has made no attempt to curb their numbers.

Instead of eating the grass outside, as cats need to do from time to time, I have a number of spider plants for him to chew on.
After only ever having a single cat (who I used to let out he picked something up which poisoned him and subsequently killed him) sorry about that...But after he died (and its heartbreaking) sorry again - I got two kittens and seeing them play together and sleep together I personally think its better for them if they have a companion. That way when you're out you know they have company and you don't feel so guilty about leaving them..
I have two cats - mother and daughter - and they play together all the time.

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Any Experienced Cat Owners...advice Please...

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