Calling all Birman Cat Owners

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muchlovex | 18:28 Tue 09th Oct 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I am thinking about getting a Birman cat. I have read lot about their temperaments and they are just what we are looking for in a cat.

However, only one thing is bothering me, as they should be mainly indoor cats.

My questions are:
Can these cats be let outside to go to the toilet. I ask as I am ot sure I would like a litter tray in my house.

I am worried that If i allow the cat to venture outside it may get pinched.

Please can any other Birman cat owners give me some advice


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Never heard of 'em, but aren't they purdy?

Here'd be a good place to start I guess.
We've got a rescue Birman who lives indoors and out with no problem, apart from getting all manner of undergrowth stuck in her coat :-)
Depends where you live, we took on two rescue Persians, a black and a Chinchilla, and they had been pampered indoor cats for a couple of years. They came to us and were immediately allowed out of doors. I would wonder about your suitability to have a cat like this if you cannot even have a litter tray indoors. Unless its an adult and already trained to go out most kittens would need a litter tray and would probably have some accidents indoors.
Well judging by the number of Lost or Stolen cat notices pinned to trees round here I would be terrified of letting a cat that expensive outside. My old cat is mostly indoors nowadays and she uses a litter tray all the time. I pick up her poo immediately with toilet roll and drop it down the loo, no problem. Get a large litter tray and some decent litter.
But I tend to agree with lankeela's comment.
Hi I've got a birman cat who's 7 years old and has been going outside since he was 10 months old with no issues. He predominantly lives indoors (his choice) but does like to go out for fresh air and to use the 'loo'. We also have a hooded cat toilet in the house but he prefers the natural approach :-) The lady we bought him from wasnt going to sell him to me if we were going to let him out - and we were not planning on letting him out, we just did it one day and decided we'd supervise him while he was outside. he's been absolutely fine and loves being outside (in the warmer weather) chasing flies etc perhaps waiting until they are older will make them less 'stealable'! We are lucky to live in an area where there's lots of safe open space for him to play when he is outside so I guess it all depends on where you live. Hope that helps!

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Calling all Birman Cat Owners

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