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Will you sign this petition to stop the culling of our Badgers.

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ladybirder | 08:54 Tue 18th Sep 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I have just watched Brian May talking about Team Badger on BBC1 and he is asking for people to sign it. All the information is here.
Thank you.


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Here's what David Attenborough has to say on the subject. You've got to love the first comment - 'Save the badgers - cull the government'.
12:56 Tue 18th Sep 2012

Ta for the link, lb.
The link won't load for me, it just says:


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Apache/2 Server at Port 80
Both Trish and myself have signed.
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Well that's odd daffy, it won't work for me either and yet it's worked for ttfn. Can somebody re-post it so it works please. Thanks for signing ttfn, we need all we can get.
I just tried it on 3 different browsers in case it was a problem with Chrome and it won't load on any of them. Maybe the site has crashed because of the amount of visitors?
Think they have pulled the petition site, its forbidden for me too. I would willingly sign, saw all about it on Countryfile last Sunday (watch it on catch up if you missed it) its appalling to cull these beautiful creatures.
I saw this and would be happy to sign, I've tried a direct link through Brian that won't work either "Forbidden".
It says on the site ^^ the petition is closing on 7 Sept but I have just signed it and waiting for my confirmation email.
Thanks for that link Ann, I've signed it.
And got the confirmation email :-)
There is a government petition that was on here the other day which I duly signed.
Done, Anne's link worked.
Thanks Anne for the link, confirmed and signed.
Thanks for posting that, ladybirder. The link on Brian's site does seem to have been removed unfortunately.

The good news is that the petition in Ann's link is in fact still open. It closes on 7 September 2013, so there's a whole year to run yet.

There are a number of badger cull-related petitions still open on the government site (including one supporting the cull - grrrr!!!) here:

Please sign them all - well, all except one, that is!
Signed and confirmation mail received.
Done hi ya gorgeous^^^.

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Will you sign this petition to stop the culling of our Badgers.

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