What wormer do you use on your cat?

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China Doll | 20:18 Wed 18th Jan 2012 | Animals & Nature
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Erm... pretty much what it says ^^^ up there. Eric just has advocat, I don't actually think he has worms but in the spirit of prevention being better than a cure and all that...

Ta muchly :c)


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I use Drontal XL for Dennis, he gets wormed regularly and doesn't have worms so I assume they work. Not tried any others I must admit
We use Stronghold - I don't like the consistency or smell of Advocate - then they get a worming tablet every six months for the worm not covered by Stronghold (I forget which worm it is)
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Do you get that over the counter or from a vets?
Vets, china - when I changed vet, the price came down quite a lot.
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Ha! Your answer wasn't there when I posted boxy! Eric's really good on advocat so I'm going to keep him on it, I was quite worried the first time we did him after you said what happened with your cat frothing. I only got a three month supply cause of your warning :c) So do you think I need to chat to a vet about a worm tablet then rather than look at over the counter stuff?
I get Dennis' tablets from the vet when I get his Stronghold - they can be bought online but don't think the Stronghold can
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Thank you both :c)
I use Drontal when I see she has worms every 5 months or so. My first cat didn't have the problem so maybe not all cats need it.
I take my cat to the vet and let him give the tablet he only charges for the tablet. I worm mine every
Three months because he eats lots of rat.
My vet uses a wormer and flea treatment in one. Can't remember whether its Drontal or Frontline though.
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Thanks for answers, I have to ring to get a repeat prescription for his advocat so will ask then. I was hoping to get an over the counter one for worms as thought it might be cheaper, ho hum... :-/
lol, i thought you meant advocaat for a minute, mind was boggling

i give murph whatever over the counter stuff i can buy, then we have a huge fight over whether she swallows the tab or night then one off us goes off anf sulks. it seems to be working though.

can;t remember the name of it, bob smith something like that

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What wormer do you use on your cat?

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