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masma | 10:55 Wed 23rd Nov 2011 | Animals & Nature
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How is Charlie doing please? xx


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Oh!! Just saw this masma. Charlie had a great week and was back to his old self. However, the sad old dog appeared on again on Thursday and he was like that all of that day and most of Friday. He wouldn't even get out of the car for his walk.

He's perked up again today.

I'm taking it one day at a time but he seems to be starting to become incontinent in the night which is not good. i think another trip to the vets is called for this week. Thank you Very much for asking and I hope things are good with you.
Chrissa I'm so glad you've answered about Charlie.I've seen this question every day and was also getting worried. Hope Charlie's vet visit goes ok and that he is having a happy weekend. Love these labs xx
Thanks for that Barb1314, you are all so kind.
I have watching this post too - I am glad that he is still well and enjoying his life.

Will be thing of both of you.
me too have been awaiting your reply glad hes still having good days and is still with you xxx
I don't believe this!! I thought all you nice people would have forgotten about him. Thank you so much.

He's just had his dinner and I wonder what will be waiting for me in the morning!!
We couldn't forget about Charlie. Labs are just so gorgeous!
^^ You're so right Euphemia.
What lovely comments about the baby boy! :) x
Yeh, Been watching this post, after seeing your lovely vidio clip of him, so glad he's still enjoying himself. Good luck at the vets. xxxxxxxx for Charlie
Awwww, thanks for the kisses Chaffinch.
aye aye clipclop :) im so glad you replied chrissa, keep us posted.
Just got back from a walk but had to take him back before we'd crossed the road. I'm afraid he's lying out in the hall again :(
oh darling you have been in my thoughts and prayers but didnt want to pry in case it caused pain, every day i have stopped by this thread to see if you had come back! I hope he is doing as well as exspectedxx
Forgive me Chrissa but this is getting unbearable to read. For three days now you say he has been poorly. I'm so sorry to say this but it sounds as if it might, just might, be time. X
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Bless his little heart - please don't let him suffer. I know only too well how hard it is, although Coco is here with us and we love her to bits, it's been 18 months since we let Jetspoon go and I still can't change my avatar. Love and big hugs to you all xxx
whatever happens - thinking of you Chrissa and clipclop - and of course, dear old Charlie ♥
Thank you all. It is SO hard as he's fine this morning. I think I Must take the bull by the horns.
Thinking of you Chrissa whatever you decide.One of the very hardest decisions a pet owner ever has to make. (but at the same time,the kindest and bravest) Take care.xx
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Any news? xx

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