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Do birds have feeding times?

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flobadob | 16:03 Tue 25th Oct 2011 | Animals & Nature
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I would usually throw food out into the back yard for the birds to feed on. Just bread, oat cereal, sometimes seeds. A lot of times there will be crows waiting there when I pull the blinds up in the morning. It used to irritate me that they were bullying the smaller birds but I realise now that all birds can be a little bit a**holey.

Anyway, what I've also noticed is that some of the stuff will be eaten then and some may be left but the birds seem to disappear for hours at a time then come back. This happens 3 or 4 times a day I reckon. So is it a case that the birds have certain times for feeding and what do they be doing the rest of the time?


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The rest of the time they are flying about in flocks, walking about on the pavement (pigeons) or lining up on telegraph wires - I watch them shuffling side to side to make room for each other. Oh and large groups sit themselves on a roof near where I work. Well you did ask.......
Grasscarp: Sounds like the unemployed where I live but sitting outside the pub instead of on the roof.
my birds seem to arrive first thing in the morning and wait for me to put brekkie out on the table...then they come back about 5pm for T..!!!
Lots of sparrows came to my feeders about 3.30pm then went. I have put some meal worms and suet feed on the table and am expecting the starlings any minute.
We have loads of Long Tailed Tits that only seem to come at certain times a day.
I have this theory that they visit the garden across the road, before they reach us, and then from here they go next door. They always come in from one direction and leave in another, seems to be same every day.
The next bit is probably fanciful, nut I swear the Blue Tits tap on the window when the feeder needs filling.
I have several ring necked doves that walk up and down on my windowsill..and knock on the window if the table is empty...
I always thought they had feeding times. From first thing in the morning until last thing at night. I guess when they're preoccupied on their dawn chorus, or nest building, they may take a break from it.
Murraymints, Phew, I'm not alone, with tapping birds.
Sall...not at all ..and the daft thing is...I GO OUT and feed them when they me trained...
I have so done that as well, to stop the tapping.
Its only blue tits though, they did it at our last property. They hang up side down from the frame and tap the glass.
Cheeky little things. Dont underestimate 'the Birds'.
Question Author
They've been around since the time of dinosaurs, so they probably look at us like the newbies.
Changing the subject a bit here, where do birds go when they die. Other than the obvious, road kill. Then considering how many there are, you dont exactly come across any by chance. Some will obviously be taken by prey, cats foxes etc.
I remember when I was small and during very long hard winter, snow seemed around for ever, food was scarce for them, dead birds were very visible under just about every hedge. Sorry for being rude for changing the subject.
Question Author
I'd say they are eaten or decompose pretty soon after they die sally. But don't worry they are in birdy heaven by then I'm sure.
I' surprised that no one has mentioned the term assigned to the 'time-of-day' feeding by the birds, that being the Circadian Rhythm... I've noted that, especially in winter feeding, a few birds will begin to arrive and soon the entire feeding complex is swarming with various types of birds only to leave, almost "enmasse" later. There'll be extended times (1 to 2 hours) that there are no birds at all.
Here in the western U.S., after the migratory small birds (as opposed to water fowl) have left for the season, it's usually the finches that begin showing up first...
They do their rounds everyday going to where they know food will be. That's why it's important to keep on feeding them. They stop off and have a bit of a preen and a chat, or maybe a little drink and perhaps a bath and then a wee nap and then off on their rounds again. Or if food is scarce they will spend all day foraging and searching for anything to keep them alive. And just before the light fades they have a last minute top up to see them through the night if they're lucky. It can be a hard life for them I'm afraid.
If I put out food later than half an hour before darkness, it remains there all night. Similarly, if I put it out around two in the afternoon, it'll sit there for about an hour. Siesta time?
Yes indeed heathfield, it always goes quiet for a couple of hours or so around lunchtime here. As they've been up feeding since first light I don't blame them for having a kip. I don't put any food out after mid afternoon but the blackbirds are usually pecking about after dark for a while.
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I see on the news that tomorrow is International Bird Feeding Day.

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Do birds have feeding times?

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