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Looking for a name for a dog portrait competition

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Oneeyedvic | 16:45 Tue 16th Aug 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Something that will catch the eye on a poster - maybe along the lines of:

Pup Idol
The Pet Factor


Any thoughts / ideas welcome


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I have been thinking about this - but have failed to come up with a better name than "Pup Idol". However if it is for a charity it would be nice to have their 'tag line' into the title.

My cat has given his blog an apt title- "Frankie's Mewspaper Column" and my local branch of the Cats Protection have a "Newslitter".

I hope that you get some lovely entries - is it photographic or painting portraits?
Pooch Been framed. Mutt Shot. Top of the Pups. Got bored with this now.
K9 Pawtrait
Top of the Pups?
Sorry, I should read before I post. Still, great minds and all that ...
Hot dog?
The Doggone Best Dog-Pic
pup stars
Question Author
Its for a photo competition - we will be taking photos in our studio.

So far like Pawtraits best (probably change from k9 to Pooch) as don't want to just appeal to puppies
The ReX Factor!
Poochography competition
Posing Pooches? Pooch Posers? Super Pooch? Britains Next Top Dog? The Doggy Factor? Doggielicious? lol
Model Dogs?
Pampered Paw Prints?

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Looking for a name for a dog portrait competition

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