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pooks123 | 01:13 Sat 26th Mar 2005 | Animals & Nature
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Which gatherings of birds are described by these terms?   Tok, Sedge, Convocation, Bazaar, Mutation


its driving me mad :(


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Sedge of Cranes (also Bitterns)

Convocation of Eagles

(Tok, Bazzar and Mutation are not found in my source; Hints and Things)

mutation of thrushes

baazar of guillemots

sedge of bitterns or cranes

Tok no idea

"Tok" is one of a few collective nouns for a group of Grouse.

Tok: Capercaillies or Grouse
Sedge: Bitterns, Cranes, Dunkadoos or Herons 
Bazaar: Falcons, Guillemots, Murres, Owls or Ravens
Mutation: Thrushers

Got all this from Collective Nouns for Birds on the New Zealand Birds site. The list starts as it means to go on with a "diacriticality of accntors" and carries on in similar vein until it gets to an "incontinence of yellowlegs".

I just wonder what the collective noun is for people who think up names like this for collective nouns.

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thanks so much for all your help


i have added the collective thingy to my favourites

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hi again just to say thanks again and the answers my question master  was looking for were these


A Tok of Capercaillies, A Sedge of Bitterns, A Convocation of Eagles, A Bazaar of Guillemots, A Mutation of Thrushes


som of then differ as you can see

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