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My Dog Keeps Trying to Bite his Back End .....

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Joeyjake | 20:55 Mon 21st Feb 2011 | Pets
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My dog keeps trying to bite his back end and is throwing himself around for wants of a better description trying to reach, ending up rolling around on the floor or even doing forward rolls!!!! I've checked his bottom and can't feel anything around his anal glands. He doesn't seem to be in any pain or distress in between these bizarre "episodes". Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.


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blocked anal glands, the vet will sort him out
Treat for fleas and worms first
Question Author
Hi Boo, definitely not fleas, thanks anyway.

Dotty - I thought it had to be his anal glands but I can't feel anything there at all. Trip to the vets tomorrow morning it will have to be.

Thank you both very much for your speedy responses xx
Scooting along on the backside is the classic symptom that anal glands needs emptying so I would incline to fleas. Incidentally its not a big deal to express the anal glands for a dog but you need lots of soapy water afterwards lol.
the way you describe his attenpts to get at the problem sounds just like how my Max was and he had the problem a few times, the relief on his face when the vet sorted it out was obvious! it was to do with his diet apparently too, an allergy to something that triggered it,
Question Author
Thanks ljdksa - I think to be on the safe side, I'll err on the side of caution and visit the vet.
Good luck. I'm sure he'll be fine
Question Author
Hi Seadog - I have had a go at that but without success I fear - I guess that's why I'm not a vet lol ...!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your advice - if only our pets could talk - save so much worry and distress xx
Stand well clear when the vet 'goes in' lol. The fallout can be rather dramatic (not to mention smelly!).
They don't use the phrase 'express the anal glands' for nothing!
Question Author
Hi Lankeela - I shall bear your advice very much in mind - thank you xx
I agree, sounds like an anal gland problem. Lovely, LOL.

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My Dog Keeps Trying to Bite his Back End .....

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