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Parrot with Lead poisoning

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Shazza36 | 22:25 Thu 20th May 2010 | Pets
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Hi- my mum's african grey has been diagnosed with lead poisoning- only source of it can be from their water supply which they are sorting but the vet has just left them to it sating there's no treatment and to take himback in 6 months. TBH he doesn't look like he'll last 6 months- he is regurgitating white froth and then panics when this happens. He's not really eating and drinking much and appears to be unwell, he usually chatters away all the time but is very quiet. Does anyone know of anything they can give him to help him feel better? TIA.


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lead from water supply ? Is the water given in a lead container ? White froth is serious; how old is it ?
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They're old lead water pipes, the water compnay is coming out tomorrow to check the supply. Cheeky the parrott is about 7 years old, initially he was diagnosed with Avian Chlymydia but more tests results have said Lead poisoning.
I've had poultry with foaming. IMO it's pneumonia.....Put the bird in a cardboard box with a lighted bulb above to give heat into the box but not low enuf for the bird to burn on. Go to the vet for antibiotic asap.
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He's been to the vet, he's had General Aneathsetic, blood tests and xrays and they've ruled everything else out and said his lead level is something like 1.4 and if it gets to 2 he will have to be put down.
What sort of cage is he in? Lead poisoning in parrots frequently comes from the cages that have galvanised wires. Some birds acquire the habit of nibbling the wire and so over time ingest a bit of lead that is mixed with the zinc in the galvanising process. It doesn't take much to poison a bird.
It would seem that lead poisoning isn't uncommen at all - and there are any number of sources.
If Cheeky has been like this for some time, then maybe the prognosis isn't too good, but I'd try to get him to another vet, preferably one who specialises with birds.
An American vet mentions injections of calcium [ this helps in all sorts of cases, including snake bite ] and lots of TLC - Good Luck Cheeky

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Parrot with Lead poisoning

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