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my fat cat..

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sara3 | 23:53 Sun 21st Feb 2010 | Pets
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oh Colin, he is so lovely!

he's a Norwegian Forest cat, so is quite huge but he also is rather... rotund! he's about 5 now (he came from a rescue centre) and I just found a photo of when we got him 3 years ago. blimey.. he's fat now!

he really doesn't seem to eat much, quantity-wise, and he can only eat dried food (Iams) because wet food upsets his (fat) tummy.

he's also a lazy so and so, and sleeps belly up for most of the day.

any ideas to shift his fat belly?


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Sara, put Colin on the Atkins diet, only feed him meat and fish.
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well well well.. we are helpful little posters, aren't we?

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CARABINT, that was the first post on this thread. do keep up!
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I always thought that there was no fat cats, then I got a cat.

Frankie has been on steroids for his asthma and this makes him eat more. I picked him up last week to put him in his cat carrier (trip to the vet) and he was solid - all belly.

Maybe Colin has actually just got fluffier (like my Princess Merlin) and under all the hair lurks a slim and healthy cat.

It is sometimes a shock to realise that these animals with such huge personalities actually have rather small bodies - and big appetites.

Tie him to your whirly washing line and make him go round and round.

Good luck.

Susan, Frankie de Tom Cat and Princess Merlin
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wolf, Colin is very very fluffy, but he is fat. I'll give the washing line thing a go, thanks ;o)

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my fat cat..

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