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cat flap security

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ChuffingHell | 12:23 Wed 15th Apr 2009 | Pets
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having recently moved, I need to upgrade my cat flap security in view of a couple of local cats in the neighbourhood who seem quite keen on our house.

I have therefore looked at a magnetic cat flap to enable our cats to come and go but keep the invaders out. however, they seem to have cracked it;

the magnetic catch stops a cat without a magentic tag pushing the flap forwards to get in from outside. to counter this, the invaders have managed to get a claw under the catch and pull the flap backwards (which the magnetic catch doesn't stop) until they can get their heads under the flap and enter the cat flap that way.

has anyone else come across this? any recommendations of a cat flap that will stop this.



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My friend locked her cat flap one night and was wakened by an invader trying to ram it open by head butting it. You can't win with a cat.

The problem with the magnetic cat flaps is that the cat can lose the collar.

If your cat is microchipped you can get a cat flap that will read the chip and let only your cat in. You can set it so that it will allow your cat in but not out again - stopping the cat burglars.

Unfortunately her cat dropped dead shortly after the door was installed (not caused by the door I must add) but she plans to use it for the new house cat when she settles in. - this is the site my friend used but you may be able to get one from a pet supermarket.

Good luck.

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cat flap security

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