doggy diarrhea

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Fairie | 12:00 Fri 19th Sep 2008 | Pets
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My dog has had diarrhea for about a week now, i only feed her on dried food (sensitive) because wet stuff goes straight through her, she's normally ok with one and i've been feeding her with it for about 18 months now, i've tried starving her for 24 hours like i would myself, but as soon as i give her a little bowl she's right back to the beginning again. Any idea's ... before when she had diarrhea i gave her boiled chicken and rice and it worked but last time she was sick the rice!! so not sure what to do


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Fairie, I would take her straight to the vets. You can never be too careful with kids or animals.....
Ongoing diarrhea can cause dehydration, so get her checked by the vet. Make sure she has access to water all the time.
What breed is she, some breeds have sensitive stomachs and sometimes they can have problems with their pancreas and they are not digesting the food properly.
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She is a cavalier king charles, she does seem to have a sensitive stomach.
Try feeding her on raw tripe. There is nothing in it that will harm her. Try a wholemeal mixer with it, but if she is still loose then drop the mixer. I would not starve her, just offer very small meals, and gradually increase the amount if she is ok. Try giving her vegetables, blended in with the meat.
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On sunday night i gave her chicken and veg from the roast dinner we had.... monday morning - not so good, left a few dry biscuits for her and went work, came home 4 hours later and there was dog muck all over kitchen floor :( sorry if too much information - but it was like jelly stuff - think it might have been the gravy!! not doing that again.. since then dried biscuits only and was clean this morning - so hopefully she's getting a little better - hope she's ok today - if not will defo take her the vets tonight.
I think there must be something doing the rounds, our dog was just the same, hubby went to five places for tablets and all had sold out, so went to vets and got Pro Kalol, think that's right, vet charged �21, it's �9 on internet so be careful.

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doggy diarrhea

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