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House training my puppy

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Owner-Hannah | 00:34 Fri 01st Aug 2008 | Pets
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A few days ago i bought a german shepard puppy, he is nearly 14 weeks old. he is very young so i am expecting accidents in the house, i have read about how to house train a puppy and i have done it all right, yet when i see he needs to go the toilet i take him outside but he will sit or lie down the hole time he is outside, then once i bring him back in he will straight away go right infront of me, i cant figure out why he is doing this, has anyone got any answers?

Thank you.


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Dont know why they do this, but they do, never clean the area where they have messed with bleach as it has amonia in it..the same as whats in there wee, and they can smell it and think its ok to do it there...If your pup does make a mess, use washing power to clean it works a treat....good luck!
Hi there, when you take him in the garden walk around the garden with him don't just leave him to it, also at this point teach him the command 'be quick' all my dogs 3 of which are GSD's pee and poo on command, walk around the garden with him saying 'be quick' at short intervals then when he has a pee say it quickly again and give praise, don't overdo the praise as GSD's as a rule don't appreciate it, they are not very demonstrative (big word this early in morning lol), you will find he learns this command very quickly, then each time you take him out all you have to do is say be quick and if it is raining and late at night you won't have to be walking around getting soaked for ages.
Lots of luck....................I want one!!
Question Author
Well thank you for you're answers but i have done all that and he still goes inside right after hes been out. any other ideas please?
you'll just have to be patient, this could potentially go on for several weeks, although it's unlikely... just keep reaffirming that he needs to go outside and above all be consistant and eventually he'll get the hang of it, honest:)
You have to stay in the garden until he has 'been' you walk round and around until you are dizzy sometimes, I have done this in freezing weather before with me wrapped in a blanket and teeth chattering, you literally don't let him in until he has done what he is out there for.
Hi When he does it in the house do you take him straight outside? Even if he wont do anthing else he will hopefully learn to link weeing with going outside.
My pup is now 16 weeks, we have had him 8 weeks and he still has the odd accident but hes prety much picked it up.
Good Luck!
Question Author
yes i take him outside, i praside him when he goes outside and give him a treat, i do not scald him when he goes inside but i ignore him to show im not happy about it, i do not clean it up with bleach, i do stand outside with him when he is meant to go, i have one word i will say to him when i take him out, its 'Hurry up' but he still goes inside.
I have struggled with toilet training too. I'm trying the crate method and it seems to be working. I've had lots of criticism on here for it though but my conscience is clear my puppy is happy, lively and healthy and shes adorable.

Be patient with your little chap he will learn eventually. The washing powder solution does help eliminate the smell when he has an accident.

Best of luck you will be fine.
Start the training by letting your dog bark two or three times, praise him for sounding the alarm, then say "Stop barking" and hold out a treat in front of him. Your dog will stop immediately if only due to the fact that he can't sniff the treat while barking. After a few seconds of quiet, give him the reward. 
if you want to practice watch this video it should help a lot : Media URL:

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House training my puppy

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