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Dog's Ear Torn & Will Not Heal.

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yorkshirelass | 17:19 Fri 26th Aug 2016 | Pets
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My little spaniel cross was attacked by a small terrier almost 6weeks ago and one of her ears was torn in half. The vet kept her in overnight and stitched the ear up and for a month she had to wear the dreaded plastic lampshade. She has been on painkiller tablets and antibiotics for 5 weeks. Because she was allergic to the stitches she got an infection and was back on antibiotics after the stitches were removed The lampshade came off 3 days ago and the whole wound, about 2inches long has opened up again. She has not been scratching at it . and her appetite is good, she has bags of energy and still has 2 walks a day on the lead . The vet gave me a steroid cream to apply once a day and I am to return to the vet in 6 days. Is there any further that I can do to help the healing process along ?


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I found this

but, if I were a dog owner I'd rather pay the vet than follow this particular set of DIY instructions.

They make a lot of sense, in that the cartilage needs to be kept still to have a chance of healing but… see what you think.

You can buy a product called Cut-Heal, either in a spray or a dab on liquid. It helps heal from the inside out, without leaving a scar. Not sure how it would work with a torn/split but I have used it on several different wounds over the years and it is brilliant stuff. You can get it online or from horsey/outdoor suppliers.

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Dog's Ear Torn & Will Not Heal.

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