Neighbours Dog Wont Stop Barking

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Kassee | 11:34 Thu 14th Apr 2016 | Pets
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We have new neightbours next door, new house, just been built. It will not stop barking. They dont seem to care, just say oh come on (whatever its name is) stop that in a real soft voice.

Usually it barks at me, if I step outside, if I speak, if I drive my car into the sideway, and get out. I find I am creeping around and closing all doors so as to not start the damn thing off. My own lovely dog, seems a bit unsure of the noise and stays in alot, whereas he usually would lay in the sun if it was warm.

We have a high fence between us, so its constant barking at the side of the fence. Sometimes, they go in and the dog is barking cos it wants to be let in and they ignore it.

Is there anything I can do? I have spoken to them, and they are not bothered, not going to do anything at all (thats their attitude/not what was said.

Is there a whiste I can buy that I can blow when dog barks / that humans cant hear. At the moment I am thinking of putting music on full blast by the fence if I want to go into my garden.


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## Just a suggestion Kassee - could you offer to walk it during the day with your own dog or even look after it while they are at work so it wouldn't be so bored and unhappy, you're obviously a dog lover - what do you think ? ## That is one of the worst helpful answers I have ever heard on here!!!!!
01:56 Fri 15th Apr 2016

Speak to the neighbours again just to be sure of their attitude, if that fails, it's a noise nuisance, get in touch with your local Council, and start keeping a diary of when it barks which is one of the things the Council will ask you to do. Good Luck.
Is there any way that you can make a hole in the fence and put wire on it. A doggy window at doggy height. The dog might be feeling frustrated at being able to hear but not see you. It might help your dog.

I love dogs and I was always concerned that they would bark when left alone - your neighbours don't care. It will get on their nerves at some point and it will all blamed on the dog.

Baldric's suggestion is a good one.

oh poor dog....dogs don’t bark like that for pleasure, they do it because they are stressed. Loud music or a whistle won’t help and may well upset the dog more which I am sure that you don’t want. Go to your council’s website, and look for noise nuisance, they will have advice for you there and if your neighbours can’t or won’t sort it then the council can take action.
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I am a bit worried about going to the Council, as I dont want to fall out with them. In the summer I often have children playing in the garden, and they can be noisy, trampolene, slide etc etc. (They dont know that yet) and I dont think they have children. Its just the two of them.

The other problem is I dont want people to think its my dog barking (as they have just moved in) I have spoken to a few neighbours and they did think it was my dog.
My sympathy's with you Kassee, I have had the same prob twice.

You need to contact the Environmental Health at your council office, and I warn you now, this will be a long drawn out procedure, to shut the dog up.

They usually send someone to witness the dog barking, and hopefully it barks when they are there.
They will then send a letter to your neighbours, letting them know there has been a complaint about the dog barking, and to take action to stop it.

You will be asked to keep a diary of when and what times it barks etc, and they may come back to you in a couple of weeks, to read it.

If I were you, I would ask your other neighbours to complain as well, as the E/H would take more notice.
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What about the children, can that be a nuisance too, or is that just normal noise ? We live in a very quiet neighbourhood, I have lived here for 30 years and they have just moved in with the noisy dog.
It is a real pity when, because of the way we keep out of each other's business, these days, that the *very first* interaction with a new neighbour (beyond passing pleasantries) is a discussion about some inconvenience which they are inflicting on established residents (or even vice versa!).

The dog is evidently being left home, alone, while they both go to work. The RSPCA might be interested but they have had some bad press, recently and might be being "light touch". By all means ring and see how they react. A gentle word with the owners may suffice to motivate them to find a solution, which helps you, as a by-product: a e.g. one of the couple takes the dog to work, or the *hire a professional dog-minder*, on work days.

We're un public service announcement territory, here. Dogs are pack animals and need company *all day*, not just during the hours between work and bedtime. If you want an animal which doesn't fret about your daily absence, get a cat.

Complaints made to the council are pursued anonymously. You might want to have another conversation with them saying that you are a bit worried because other neighbours have spoken to you about your dog barking and have talked about making a noise nuisance complaint and you know its not your dog. The general practice is to ask the complainant to keep a diary of the noise and to inform the subject of the complaint that a complaint has been made. If there seems to be a genuine issue then the council officer visits and this point in your case, it will become obvious where the noise is coming from!!

I really hate saying “go to the council” because I have been the victim of unfounded complaints about my dogs for two summers running and its horrible being on the receiving end....and before anyone says any variation of “you would say that wouldn’t you” the council investigated the complaint and the police were involved because of the behaviour of the complainers.

I absolutely agree with Hypgnosis. people seem to think they have a right to have a dog regardless of whether or not they can take proper care of it. Its the dogs and the neighbours who suffer.
children can constitute a noise nuisance too and the same rules apply. The noise from whatever source has to be unreasonable, frequent, prolonged and loud. If it happens during the night or at other unsocial hours then the nuisance level comes in at a lower point.

//What about the children, can that be a nuisance too, //

Only to old curmudgeons and night-shift workers :-P

//or is that just normal noise //

It's perfectly normal, imho. As is conducting conversations by shouting to one another from 50 yards apart instead of, you know, walking to within a few paces and conversing at a lower volume.

When I was a kid, we only had the neighbour shout at us once, for playing too noisily, in the street (cul-de-sac) but, in those days, we could give them a break by walking about half a mile to (what passed for) a park. It also meant we could play shots in all directions, with a proper cricket ball, without risk of window breakages.

Anyway, where there's kids making a racket, there is life and where there's new life, there's hope, I say.

Hypgnosis...its a difficult one.....I am quite happy with a modicum of general noise outside...and that includes my dogs...But I do think that the same rules should apply to all. Children shouting in play...fine but when its screaming and banging for an hour at a stretch then to my mind that’s not acceptable.....especially when the play area has been constructed as far as possible from their house which puts it right up against the fence between their garden and mine. The noise makes my dogs bark, which I agree is unacceptable and which I don’t allow to continue...but my dogs wouldn’t bark if there wasn’t excessive noise so close to my why should child noise be fine and dog noise not?
and no...I have no intention of going to the council about the children....
I sympathize with you. We've got a Yorkshire Terrier next door the yaps constantly when it's left alone. We have talked to them, but to no avail. They actually said that they have a right to go out and the bloody dog is of a nervous disposition and can't be left in the car. There is nothing we can do more, apart from throwing some rat poisoned meat into their garden. ( joke ).

I think you have a point there although I was envisioning play out in the street (noise which can, therefore, carry the full length of the street, affecting neighbours who are far away enough that you don't even cross paths with).

Now, sticking the play area far away enough from their own house that *they* aren't impacted by their own kids' noise is just blatant. It's a tacit acknowledgement that there is a problem.

Until there's a solution, you can amuse yourself with the thought that they are showing to all and sundry that they're too cheap to afford to send them to boarding schools.

(At least that's what I suspect boarding schools traded on: parents who can't abide noisy kids, even when it's their own progeny).

Yeah, inverted snobbery an' all but what the heck?

b. nasty people samuraisan. They have got a nervous dog who is obviously unhappy being left at home and they do nothing about it
Exactly woof. Could be worse I suppose, an obnoxious son/daughter into Heavy Metal. Oops, off the yapping goes again !
Just a suggestion Kassee - could you offer to walk it during the day with your own dog or even look after it while they are at work so it wouldn't be so bored and unhappy, you're obviously a dog lover - what do you think ?
I was going to suggest the same thing as Viv. Ask them if you can get to know him, once he knows your voice he'll probably stop barking. He could be a little pal for your dog.
Viv, your suggestion sound good "Untill" they want you to look after the Dog whilst the go away for W/Ends / Holidays, & I think they would.
Well that would be up to Kassee TWR ...

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