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Dog Acting Strangely Of Late. Think Something Is Wrong But What?

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Postdog | 01:17 Mon 01st Feb 2016 | Pets
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Some advice needed, preferably from anyone who has experienced similar. No offence intended, but we've been up to our eyebrows in speculation this last month and more would not be very helpful.

Basically, our 4 year old long legged Jack Russell has gone a bit strange this last month or so, and we can't figure out what is wrong. We have had him since he was 9 months old, and he has been a normal bouncy, healthy dog. He has always had a Jekyll & Hyde personality (?) in that he can be very loving & affectionate and then be very grumpy and growling for some unknown reason. I say unknown, but suddenly waking him up is an example of when it might happen.

That said, until recently it has just been handbags when he reacted - he knows we are pack leaders and has never crossed the line. We actually found this endearing and often laughed at his silliness because he would usually get all soppy after.

About a month ago I accidentally hit his nose and he yelped. As time has gone by, his yelping has increased when touched, and not just the nose - head, legs, body etc. Today he even yelped twice when not touched, though I think he thought he was going to be.

Consequently we took him to the vet, and she found nothing that would cause him to react like that. She did try too, poking him all over, but, as typically happens, the one time we wanted a reaction, nothing happened.

The worst aspect though is that his anger has become more than growling and gumpiness - he is snarling, snapping and actually aggressive at times. Still split personality though, and most of the time gentle and quiet. He now scares me - I used to just pat him on the head and say shut up you tart, but now I daren't. It's also worrying because we have three other dogs he may attack IF they do something he objects to, including a 13 week old puppy. Generally all dogs get along fine, but who can say!

Over the last few days we have noticed him just staring into space occaisionally, and having looked it up as best we can, we suspect there may be a neurological problem rather than a physical one.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? We love him to bits, but I haven't the money to spend on drawn out tests and operations, so sadly, and for his own sake if in pain, will have to have him put down. Rehoming wouldn't be an option in this case.

I shall be seeing the vet again next week when our puppy has injections and shall ask advice then, but in the meantime, any relevant experience or advice would be appreciated. TIA.


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If you don’t want speculation then go back to the vet and talk to her about neurological possiblities. 12 people might post that their dogs had shown similar behaviour and there would be 12 different reasons why. My guess would be epilepsy but you don’t want guesses. Can you not even afford blood tests?
Blood tests, I think, would not show up epilepsy.
Four years seems to be too young for a dog to be suffering nasty and painful diseases, Postdog. But I think Wolfgang is right.
No Gavmac, but its usually the place vets start when they have got beyond examining the animal on front of them. have a bi-polar dog. You're welcome ;)

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Question Author
Not being funny, but the second sentence did specifically say no speculation please. I'm worried about my dog and was seeking comments from pet owners who had experienced anything like described. I also said I had taken him to the vets and was seeing the vet again regarding him, so I am not looking for internet diagnosis.

As for the money and further tests, there are reasons for putting that. Last year I had no choice but to put down a dog having spent about £300 to find out that to treat him would cost thousands. In November I rescued a homeless cat that had been hanging around our house, and he so far has cost hundreds of pounds and is ongoing for life on medication. Finally, the puppy is a Dachshund which aren't cheap, and was a present to my wife as she has always wanted one, so please, no comments either about getting a rescue dog instead (which I have for the last 30 years, two at a time). I'm on PIP and a small pension, so don't have a lot to spare, especially at the moment having forked out so much over the last two months. I specifically wanted experiences as this would maybe help raise valid points with the vet, and to maybe help me prepare for the worst, nothing more.
and I can corroborate all that Postdog has said,....I've been a friend of his for many years.

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Question Author
you aint getting a medal hun...
Bless him, ...he adores me really :)

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jealousy ? and having his nose put out when the puppy came perhaps
I would seriously be thinking something like a brain tumour as this happened to one of the rescue dogs we re homed a couple of years ago. She was okay at first with immediate family but not visitors but gradually got worse when woken or touched unexpectedly which progressed to unpredictable flying at owners for no reason. They spent a lot of money on vets and even behaviourists but she became unmanageable and was put down. PM showed a tumour which in a way was a relief as they were worried it was something they were causing. Hope your vet can advise. If you have to take the decision you know you have done the right thing by your family and other dogs.
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Dog Acting Strangely Of Late. Think Something Is Wrong But What?

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