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Ramesses | 09:12 Sun 03rd Aug 2014 | Pets
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We have a Border Collie who is nearly a year old,anyway after we've taken him for his walk we put his lead on and sometimes he'll start jumping up and tugging at the lead which is most annoying,does anyone know why he is doing this?


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If he's doing this after he's been for a walk it sounds to me like he needs more exercise, he's still only a pup so will have a lot of energy that will only be increasing at that age.
I think he is just enthusiastic, we had a border collie and he would walk for miles, they are very energetic dogs, they train well so prehaps a course of dog training might help. They are such loving and loyal dogs - he just needs to know that you are top dog.
would advise you get some help from a qualified trainer with experience of BC's - they are like no other breed IMO for intelligence and because of this will learn bad habits just as quickly as they learn good habits. A well understood and sympathetically trained BC is a joy - anything else is a nightmare and an unhappy dog. BC owners often make their dogs' problems worse so I strongly advise you get some advice.

Agree 100%, lovely Dogs, but need positive input to be happy.
sorry, pressed the submit button too soon - meant to add (and state the obvious) BCs are working dogs and unless you've actually seen what these dogs do in a day you have no idea the amount of physical and mental exercise they need. In their proper environment they aren't exercised, they are worked and worked very hard. They thrive on it- after all that's what they've been bred for. Get some advice from a BC trainer - check out you local dog agility club for advice. It's unlikely you'll satisfy your dog's needs with a walk or two each day.
I see a man walking a border collie around the town most days. The dog has a muzzle on and pulls on the lead with the man constantly pulling it back and shouting at it. I have seen him smack it with the lead.

I hate that man for what he has done to that dog.
another unhappy collie Tilly - there are so many of them unfortunately - wrong dog in wrong home - recipe for cruelty. No chance of some pictures or (better still) a video of the abuse to go to an animal welfare organisation?
I'm always in the car when I see him and the dog, rsvp. I might stop one day and whip my phone out. It really upsets me.
be a good thing you're doing if you do catch him on camera.
I might just do that, rsvp.

Poor, poor dog. It must be so screwed up.
Border collies hate leads and can generally be walked off them if you train them well enough.
Exactly, Zacs. That is why I hate this man with a vengeance!
I have frequently take mine and a friends's out alongside a busy main road with other dogs around without a problem. BCs need firm training from birth and they're wonderfully obedient creatures.

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