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another-view | 20:59 Sat 03rd Apr 2010 | Adverts
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Anyone seen the advert for aptimil(sp?) baby milk? It shows a boy surrounded by a blue aura in a Ready Brek style.

One of the things the voiceover lady says is, "If you decide to move on from breast feeding....."
Jeez! It's to be hoped so. Thoughts of bitty come to mind.


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I don't know what Bitty is but I assume you are questioning the use of the word "if" as I do every time I see that advert.
Good point.

It may have arisen as this product area is a copywriting minefield; compliance with various agreements concerning positioning products as substitutes, alternatives, improvements, complementary etc versus breast milk.
No idea about copy write issues but this follow on stuff ONLY exists for formula companies to get around the law as they are not allowed to advertise infant (from birth) formula

Personally I find these ads nauseating at best
pink Kittens

agree with you.

just to clarify, i meant a copy writing issue not copyright :-)
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The word "bitty" comes from the TV show Little Britain where a middle aged man is still being breast fed and calls it "bitty" (Breast+tIITY)

Yes, it was the word "if", I found worrying :-)

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