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Peugeit 407 advert

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Jamie Lewis | 11:26 Tue 29th Jun 2004 | Adverts
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Can you tell what is the music from the new Peugeot 407 advert with the 'toy cars'


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Its called 'can you touch me' dunno who by though thats wot im trying 2 find out, its cool!!!!!!
dunno, but sounds only like t-rex. might be a newer soundalike tho....
can you people not see my reply???????????? are you taking the proverbial? .cool song , I love it too, check it out here
Its actually called "Can you trust me?", I also thought it was can you touch me when I heard it :) Its a tune that just makes u feel good :]
Can you trust me by The Film
Hi guys!
I liked this song so much I took the original RealPlayer file, filtered, edited, added some effects and rendered. If anyone wants to listen to the better-quality version of the song email me - [Email address removed as per site policy. - AB Editor]

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Peugeit 407 advert

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