new snickers advert!!!

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Agent_Smith | 00:20 Wed 25th Apr 2007 | Adverts
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its pointless posting it in adverts but have you seen this advert with MR T???

best advert on tv for ages!!!!


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Most adverts are better than the sh!t on TV at the moment
why is it pointless posting in adverts then? It seems a very well attended section to me, full of people who watch adverts
RB, the one and only question i have ever posted that got no answers was posted in adverts so i take your point. I havent seen this ad yet but im gonna watch out for it now.
I haven't seen it, but now you've made me want a snickers! lol
I saw it on Sunday, nearly wet myself, Mr T is a comic legend, SHUT YOUR JIBBA JABBA FOOL!!!!!
Hey Fool
go to: t

to see the ad....
Made me laugh, so unexpected!

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new snickers advert!!!

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