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bobgreen1969 | 10:30 Tue 07th Mar 2006 | Adverts
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Which 1970's TV Advert does the slogan "Made by hand, Built by Robots" come from?


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"Hand built by robots" was used by Fiat to advertise it's Strada range of cars.
There was also a comedy sketch (Alas Smith and Jones?) where the cars were built buy the robots, then the cars were driven rather badly, crashing into things and to each other. The slogan was extended to: "..., built by robots, driven by Italians."
Don't remember that sketch, but I remember the one where Bob is in a car plant, and asks Bob for a tool, who asks another Bob who has to ask another Bob and so on - The tag was hand built by Roberts.

"Yes, Bob?"
"You got Bob's torque wrench?"
"No, Bob."
"Oh, Bob over there must have it, Bob?"
"Yes, Bob?"....

It was Not The Nine O'Clock News, which did, of course, feature amongst others Griff and Mel.

Based on, (lest we lose sight of the original question), the Fiat ad as mentioned by apex.

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