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andy-hughes | 19:31 Mon 19th Feb 2024 | Adverts
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Given the current obsession with 'diversity' in television ads, leading to a reasonable assumption that every white woman has a black partner, why is there an apparent absence of white men with black partners?



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Misigenation can only go so far.


Can't speak for everybody but for me it's the glutes.

I haven't noticed either.

You'll find them in the mid popular dramas, if not the adverts.

After the flood, and Kindred Spirit immediately come to mind.

And why are there no Wayne and Waynetta Slobs? I'd argue there are more of those type than mixed marriage/relationship types.😊

I don't pay much attention to adverts, but I do recall a Maltesers ad featuring an OAP couple WM/BF

women only marry black men to change them...


Ads are selling a dream - all beautiful/slim/healthy/well-off people. And also promoting the "woke" agenda.

Why don't the RNLI lifeboat charity appeals show them rescuing the dinghy migrants?

Illegal immigrants.

not until they land Doug

Nobody has mentioned the elephant in the room.

Would a black man with a white woman in an advertisement not alienate some potential customers?

Question Author

I believe so, and I believe that's why they don't feature. 

You just contradicted your OP there andy. Maybe Sandy's post misled you

Question Author

NMA - You are correct.

My OP points out the discrepancy between the apparently 'idyllic' coupling of a white woman with a black partner, but the rarity of a black woman with a white partner.

The true rarity is a white woman and a white male partner in an advert

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