Think It Is About Quick Fibre

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jennyjoan | 00:19 Sun 09th May 2021 | Adverts
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There is an advert on and I don't understand it.

Two men are at a barbeque - one guy says some thing "like did it work", the other guy just turns around

Anybody tell me what that's about. thank you.


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This one?

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yes Chris - to tell you the truth I was waiting on the "other" guy turning around and having the female bits ie "breasts".
If that's the one, the guy cooking on the barbecue has had plastic surgery which means that, although he's portly, with a bald patch and clearly middle-aged from the back, his face now makes him look like a heart-throb model in his twenties.

The guy who asks him about it, from behind, and who then sees the new face, responds with "That'll do" which, as the ad goes onto explain, is a Yorkshire way of saying "That's fantastic!"
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omg Chris - thanks for the answer but I could never work that out ever. what a waste of an advertisement/money
Quick Fibre! Is that something that keeps you regular but every half hour?
Jj, your version would have been funny...

...well, to quite a few of us ;)

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Think It Is About Quick Fibre

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